May 28, 2004

Having heard those Dashboard Confessional REM covers (on MTV2), I have to say that it's just as bad as you would imagine. I was genuinely shocked at how awful some of the renditions were, and I can't understand why anyone would actually buy them for repeat listening.

But on the more positive tip, thanks for the Million Love Songs plug!

Posted by: Max on May 28, 2004 07:57 AM

hmmm - can i just go and see her and skip alanis and bnl?

Posted by: mike on May 28, 2004 08:51 AM

Yes, those Dashboard covers of REM are abyssmal, but Stipe helped improve "Hands Down" big time. Maybe REM should come out with a covers album...

Also, not only would one have to put up with Alanis and BnL, but Nellie McKay's only WI date is at the WORST place to see music in the state. Grr.

Posted by: Matt on May 28, 2004 09:21 AM
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