June 17, 2004
Daily Downloads

Rilo Kiley: 2004-01-11, San Francisco [mp3]
M Ward (backed by My Morning Jacket): 2004-06-05, Philadelphia [flac]
Various Artists: assorted live tracks [mp3]
Clash and Clash-related bands: many, many live shows and demos (registration required) [mp3]
The Bentleys: several tracks [mp3]
The Blood Arm: several tracks [mp3]
Ashbury: two tracks [mp3]
Califone, Red Red Meat & Loftus: several tracks [mp3]

Radiohead: 2003-06-05, New York (bittorrent) [mpg]
Nine Inch Nails: videos [mpg]

the pAper chAse: "Said the Spider to the Fly" [mp3]
Mellowdrone: "The Worst Song Ever" [mp3]
M Ward: "Persuasion" (unreleased) [mp3]

Posted by david on June 17, 2004

for me, the EMP is also a flop architecturally. yuck!

Posted by: janelle on June 20, 2004 08:09 AM
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