June 22, 2004
Tuesday Tune ("Going To Marrakesh")

Today's offering is "Going To Marrakesh," by the Extra Glenns. This song is a prime example of two musicians (John Darnielle and Franklin Bruno) hitting delightful synergy. Listen to this and pray to your god (or goddess) of choice for another Extra Glenns record. If you don't have the first one, Martial Arts Weekend, you're missing a true delight, one of my favorites of all time.

By the way, here's the studio version of the song [mp3 link].

Posted by david on June 22, 2004

I have to admit to loving the Extra Glenns - "The Badger Song" from the Shrimper compilation, "Abridged Perversion."

Posted by: Robert on June 23, 2004 01:28 PM
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