July 30, 2004

Romance novels are growing increasingly serious and legitimate, according to the Arizona Republic.

Drive-By Trucker Mike Cooley talks to the Winston-Salem Journal about the band and the financial side of being a musician, "Merchandise is now the only way a band can make money. So I tell people that I sell T-shirts for a living, and play music for fun."

The new Ted Leo album has leaked (hint).

The Associated Press profiles Mike Skinner of the Streets. (via)

The Guardian profiles Woody Allen.

Newsday previews Rilo Kiley's upcoming NYC show at the Knitting Factory Wednesday.

Billboard talks to Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Jay Farrar bemoans the state of music to the Orlando Sentinel, "Everything has to be marketed a certain way, so it's unfortunate that people just can't get it all from the same source. In the '70s, AM radio was incredibly eclectic. You could hear all kinds of music coming at you."

Posted by david on July 30, 2004

I love a good romance ... but never knew they were "illegitimate." The kind I like best are blended with science fiction or fantasy. Am reading Sharon Shinn's Archangel series right now about a planet where some people have wings and can fly and others are "normal." Good stuff.

Posted by: Terry on July 30, 2004 10:56 AM
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