July 31, 2004

1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks is a wiki filled with resources for free and legal music (of course). Since it is a wiki, feel free to add your favorite applicable sites and make a great resource even better.

Check out No Love For Ned's streaming radio show this week, especially for the new theme song by Evil Wiener.

Freecycle is an online swap meet, where you can give away instead of throw away, and even request items.

Hayseed Dixie has added their bluegrass flavor to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness.

The Toronto Globe and mail enjoyed Kent Haruf's sequel to Plainsong, Eventide.

Posted by david on July 31, 2004

hey, i took my kids to see american idol and george huff did a verse of the darkness' chestnut in a medley

Posted by: mike on July 31, 2004 06:26 PM
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