August 10, 2004

Looking for a reference book to read on your iPod? Download a text from the iPodLibrary.

Reason examines the return of protest music. Featured are Punkvoter's Rock Against Bush Volume 1 and Volume 2, MoveOn's Future Soundtrack for America, and the Vote For Change tour.

Slate examines Maxim's literary turn.
Air is profiled on NPR's Day to Day.

Filter lists Songs: Ohia's three upcoming vinyl reissues on Secretly Canadian as well as fall tourdates.

The Scotsman reveals what men should read to impress vacationing women.

The Telegraph calls Badly Drawn Boy a "scruffbag with razor sharp wit" in a show review.

The Boston Globe asks, "Can celebrities make kids vote?"

Was Dweezil a weasel? Lisa Loeb's new album gets a short review, I just liked the headline.

The Winona (Minnesota) library is actually happy with the cd's it received as part of the cd price-fixing settlement.

Posted by david on August 10, 2004

i voted today because mike doughty said i had to.

Posted by: gijyun on August 10, 2004 12:15 PM

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