August 11, 2004
Tuesday Tunes (A Day Late, With Pie and Chicken)

With the new Drive-By Truckers album set to drop in two weeks, I've been listening to many live shows by the band and its songwriters. In particular, several Patterson Hood solo shows have caught my ear, since he's been touring extensively supporting his solo album release.

Hood often covers Tom T. Hall's "Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)" in his live performances. To the casual music fan, Tom T. Hall is more known for his love of watermelon wine and old pickup trucks, but the man has the true grace of a storyteller in verse. This song is one of his Vietnam protest efforts, and rings as true today as ever. The Drive-By Truckers also recorded this track for an upcoming Tom T. Hall tribute album this year.

Posted by david on August 11, 2004

Patterson is playing solo at Workplay tomorrow night around 9:30 pm. Rumor has it that Mike Cooley is going to join him during the set.

Posted by: sugarmama on August 11, 2004 11:20 AM

I'll be there, especially with Will Johnson of Centro-matic opening. He's selling a limited edition tour ep with solo acoustic covers of early Centro-matic songs, by the way. Workplay is the best venue in town, too.

Posted by: david on August 11, 2004 11:36 AM
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