September 04, 2004
Daily Downloads

Today's daily downloads include a Rilo Kiley show and two more performances from this year's Mergefest (Spoon and Destroyer).

Rilo Kiley: 2002-11-18, Denton [mp3]
Destroyer: 2004-07-31, Carrborro Mergefest (bittorrent, registration required) [flac]
Spoon: 2004-07-31, Carrboro Mergefest (bittorrent, registration required) [flac]
Metallica: several shows [mp3]
Chuck Prophet: three tracks [mp3]
The New Year: several tracks [mp3]
Dirty Three: several tracks [mp3]

The Ex: "Sister" [mp3]
Silkworm: "Don't Look Back" [mp3]
Sally Timms: "Little Tommy Tucker" [mp3]

Posted by david on September 04, 2004
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