September 07, 2004

About that religious videogames link, it reminds me of something I saw on TV. Okay, so I was watching the 700 Club on FOX; don't laugh, it's fucking hilarious and you know it.

Anyway, they had a segment about Christian videogames. They started off showing the demon worshipping pagan games to begin the segment. One game they showed was CounterStrike. As the clip played, the narrator said, "Players are encouraged to kill each other, with guns, and even explosive grenades!"

What the narrator failed to mention is that in CounterStrike, you play as a cover operative who is trying to rescue hostages from terrorists. So, this is coming from a TV show/cult/whatever that constantly praises the Iraq war, prays for George W Bush's election, and has constant segments about how righteous our soldiers are.

In other words, real life terrorist murderin' is God's work, but pretending to do it is the work of the Anti-Christ.

Posted by: Mickey on September 7, 2004 10:42 AM

Man. I was on record as not being blown over by "More Adventurous." However, after repeated listenings and watching that KCRW performance I think I'm about to eat my words.

Posted by: mrw on September 7, 2004 09:07 PM
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