September 22, 2004
Music Blogger Interviews and Reviews

John Seroff (of Newsweek fame) has been interviewing music bloggers, and Monday he published an interview with me.

Check out the other music blogger interviews at the Tofu Hut (you'll have to search the archives, the archive links don't seem to be working):

Radio KRUD
Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again (a personal favorite)
Oliver at Soul Sides
Sean at Said the Gramophone
Matthew at Fluxblog

John's reviews of music blogs can be found at Better Propaganda, and include reviews of:

Music For Robots
Ditties For the Party
Swung By Seraphim/Something I Learned Today

John is dutifully spreading the music blog gospel, stop by and listen to a sermon.

Posted by david on September 22, 2004

"a personal favorite"?

yer too kind... really...

Speaking of which... I had really better get crackin on todays update...

Posted by: Keith TTIKTDA on September 22, 2004 07:55 AM

What a great interview. As always I'm thankful for your help in broadening my musical horizons.

p.s. The bit about being paid not to dance made me giggle.

Posted by: kelly on September 22, 2004 12:43 PM

i spent my lunch hour at lasers edge. what did i come across? the stone roses-the stone after reading your desert island top five, i have to say i agree with this gem. excellent. they may become my new obsession (maybe spoon wont mind).

Posted by: jessica on September 22, 2004 04:25 PM
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