September 22, 2004

eMusic revamps and goes after the indie music digital download market.

Now What?! is a daily blog about choice issues.

AfterEllen reviews the new Tegan and Sara CD, So Jealous, "delivers solid indie rock that should appeal to their established fan base, at the same time that it attracts a new audience."

John Travolta is planning to pen his autobiography, having signed a publishing deal with Hyperion.

The Guardian covers bloggers holding the media accountable.

Rolling Stone interviews Elvis Costello.

It's an mp3 blog where you can practice your French and download a variety of tracks: la Blogotheque.

US refuses Cat Stevens entry into the country.

Jackie Chan isn't impressed with his son's first pop single.

"Web logs" are "kindling for change," according to the Seattle Times.

Posted by david on September 22, 2004

Cat Stevens deported for musical terrorism.
Meanwhile Sheryl Crow walks the streets as a free woman.
Perhaps the first cut really is the deepest.

Posted by: Brandon on September 22, 2004 06:09 PM
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