September 24, 2004
Daily Downloads

Wilco: 2004-09-22, Nashville (bittorrent) [flac]
Guided By Voices: 2004-06-18, Iowa City (bittorrent, registration required) [flac]
Hang on the Box: track samples [mp3]
Low Skies: several tracks [mp3]
Bumblebeez 81: two tracks (under "music") [mp3]

Ulysses: "Glacier" [mp3]
The Like Young: "Tighten My Tie" [mp3] from So Serious
The Red Onions: "Gimme Some More" [mp3] from The Red Onions EP
The Rolling Blackouts: "Hung Up on the Hang Ups" [mp3] from Black Is Beautiful
Ivory Elephant: "Nancy Sings (Jandek cover)" [mp3] from Naked in the Afternoon: A Tribute to Jandek

Posted by david on September 24, 2004

So what are the differences between the Apple and HP ipods? I'm only one person away from my free ipod.

Posted by: Alex on September 25, 2004 10:28 AM
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