October 12, 2004
Neutral Milk Hotel - Gardenhead, Leave Me Alone (Tuesday Tune)

Recorded by Jeff Mangum solo for a May, 1998 XFM radio session, I'll let the lyrics from this On Avery Island track be its description:

There are beads that wrap
Around your knees that crackle into the dark
Like a walk in the park like a hole in your head
Like the feeling you get when you realize you're dead
This time we ride roller coasters into the ocean
We feel no emotion as we spiral down to the world
And I guess it's worth your time
Because there's some lives you live
And some you leave behind
It gets hard to explain
The gardenhead knows my name

Leave me alone, for you know this isn't the first time
In fact this is twice in a row
That the angels have slipped through our landslide
And filled up our garden with snow
And I don't wish to taste of your insides
Or to call out your name through my phone
For the glory boys at your bedside will love you
As long as you're something to own

Follow me through a city of frost covered angels
I swear I have nothing to prove
I just want to dance in your tangles
To give me some reason to move
But to take on the world at all angles
Requires a strength I can't use
So I'll meet you up high in your anger
Of all that is hoping and waiting for you

Posted by david on October 12, 2004

I think that everyone can agree that this is easily one of the ten greatest songs ever written.


I've always heard it as "call out your name through my *throat*", what do you think? For that matter I've always sung "angels have slept through our landslides" but that's probably wrong.

Posted by: the kiosk on October 12, 2004 10:23 AM

The posted lyrics are right.

Definitely one of the top songs from one of the top bands of all time. Yes, all time.

Thanks for posting this version. The original is better (the contrast between the two halves is much more powerful), but I'll never complain about a NMH post.

Posted by: Rob on October 12, 2004 10:02 PM

great site, great song. anybody know what the 'sleep deprived' jeff was talking about?

Posted by: peter on October 13, 2004 02:45 AM

Yeah, mp3's of the preceding interview would be a treat, no?

Posted by: Chris Hassiotis on October 13, 2004 11:15 AM
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