October 19, 2004
Guided By Voices - "Tropical Robots" (Tuesday Tune)

With Guided By Voices coming to an end with their New Year's eve performance in Chicago, it is only fitting that this week's tune pays homage to one of my favorite bands. The brevity of the song only adds to its charm, it is one of the wispy, magical fragments that earn Bob Pollard a gold star (for robot boy) in my book. The fact that the song mentions my home state doesn't hurt, either (it's the only GBV song to mention Alabama).

"Tropical Robots" first appeared on the Teenage FBI 7" and CD single in 1999, then on the Hold On Hope EP in 2000, then the Fading Captain vinyl release Daredevil Stamp Collector: Do The Collapse B-sides.

This track is from the 2004-09-11 Washington show at the 9:30 Club.

Posted by david on October 19, 2004

"Alabama policeman, let 'em go on their way don't spoil their fun. Cause when they go away, they won't come back no more."

Great song, great band, inevitable ending. I am still dreaming of seeing them in Chicago but I'm probably wishing on the gold star. I guess that makes me a hopeful robot boy.


Posted by: Quinn on October 20, 2004 10:18 AM
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