December 02, 2004
Bittorrent Brunch

My Morning Jacket's 2001 Christmas radio show appearance highlights today's Bittorrent Brunch.

My Morning Jacket: 2001-12-25, Louisville (Christmas radio show) [shn]*
Conor Oberst: 2004-11-15, Munich [flac]
Drive-By Truckers: 2004-11-07, Chattanooga [flac]
The Fall: 2004-10-13, Munich [flac]*
OOIOO: 2004-11-06, Hollywood [flac]*
The Frames: 2004-03-27, San Francisco [shn]*
Interpol: 2004-11-19, Paris [flac]*
The Strokes: 2001-07-05, Stockholm [shn]*
Beastie Boys: 1992-05-22, New Jersey [flac]*
Various Artists: Santa's Boots (Christmas Compilation) [flac]*

*registration required

Posted by david on December 02, 2004


I'd love to get my hands on that Live Interpol but looks like it will be difficult to get an account with easytree. Anybody willing to help me out?


Posted by: Tim on December 3, 2004 06:31 PM

signup with easytree is quick and easy. the recording is ok. check out the copenhagen (or paris) gig posted a few days earlier on here. they're both a bit bettter in my opinion.

also, that beastie boys recording is really, really good. it's back from when they were actually fun.

Posted by: SUMwon on December 3, 2004 07:27 PM

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I have a very good chance of getting a password since they have reached their max accounts. I have been checking back and they are always full.

Posted by: Tim on December 4, 2004 10:06 PM
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