December 04, 2004
Bittorrent Brunch

Two shows by the Shins headline today's Bittorrent Brunch...

Shins: 2004-11-13, Minneapolis [shn]*
Shins: 2004-02-08, Mission Beach [shn]*
Wilco: 2002-09-02, Seattle [shn]
Rufus Wainwright: 2004-02-13, New York [shn]*
Neil Finn: 2004-03-11, Los Angeles [shn]*
Sahara Hotnights: 2004-07-03, Skellefteċ [flac]*
Squarepusher: 2003-08-06, New York [flac]*
The Pogues & Joe Strummer: 1991-11-07, Cologne [flac]*
The Jam: 1981-05-26, New York [shn]*
Miles Davis Septet: three 1973 performances [dvd]*

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Posted by david on December 04, 2004


the Bittorrent Brunch from Rufus Wainwright (Dec, 04) links to Wilco !!!


Posted by: chdx on December 6, 2004 07:22 AM
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