December 04, 2004
45 Down, 7 To Go

When my wife and I adopted a kitten earlier this year, we decided to keep him indoors. We were concerned about keeping him entertained and healthy, so my wife picked up The Indoor Cat by Patricia Curtis. Curtis offers common sense advice in a conversational manner. Often cat books are either cutesy or scientific, but Curtis lends the wisdom of her experience in a tone neither full of cat baby-talk or technical terms. This is a wonderful trove of information for anyone with an indoor cat.

My next book was a Christmas present from my sister last year. A Very Southern Christmas is a collection of "holiday stories from the south's best writers." I have been waiting for the holidays to read this collection, which features stories by Donna Tartt, Richard Ford, and others.

Posted by david on December 04, 2004

I'm really pleased that you decided to keep your kitten indoors. I believe it's the best way to keep from losing your pet prematurely. My wife and I have 3 indoor cats and they all seem happy, healthy and mostly fond of each other (we got them all at different times). I also want to say I love your site esp. the Bit-Torrent brunches. I can't seem to connect with Bit-Torrent, even though I'm registered, except through your site. Thanks.

Posted by: Bill Freeman on December 5, 2004 07:39 AM
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