December 07, 2004

The New York Times reviews Sunday night's Guided By Voices Irving Plaza show.

Keith (of TTIKTDA) waxes poetic about the upcoming Fiery Furnaces singles and b-sides compilation (as well as posting a couple of tracks). After one listen, this EP (titled "EP," of course) ranks with Low's The Great Destroyer as an early 2005 personal favorite.

Our kitten Neko wants the Coconut Palm Cat Tree for Christmas.

Rough Trade lists their top ten 2004 compilations, top ten 2004 reissues and collections, and top 100 2004 albums.

Store a list of wifi hotspots on your iPod with wiPod.

Sloan is offering their tourdates as an RSS feed.

iPodlounge offers its "iPod Year in Review."

Donutmuse lists their top 25 albums of 2004.

Stripwax is "the world's only comic strip record review."

Salon names their top ten books of the year.

Popmatters' Zeth Lundy lists his best music of 2004.

Time asks, "When authors as highbrow as Michael Chabon write pulp fiction, what defines a good read?"

TV shows are tuning out theme songs.

USA Today lists recent and upcoming music DVD's, as well as 2004's best-selling music DVD's.

The Globe and Mail covers Marqui Inc.'s paid blogger marketing scheme.

Wired News previews videocasting, the inevitable followup to podcasting.

Investor's Business Daily has an iPod, a Blackberry and a mini PC on it's Christmas wish list.

The Philadelphia Daily News offers music gift suggestions.

Mozilla releases Thunderbird 1.0PR, its e-mail client.

Has the internet caused the extinction of plagiarism?

Posted by david on December 07, 2004

And here come the Best of 2004 lists. You started the mad rush, David.

Actually, other than Blender's list, I haven't seen any that looked ridiculous. Most seem to have been given a lot of good, solid thought. Though early in December, they don't look to have been rushed.

I wonder, though, why they come so early. U2 couldn't make many of these lists--not that it was going to in the first place. There are still a few albums to be released and a few imports to be heard.

Posted by: Coolfer Glenn on December 7, 2004 10:49 AM

you must really love your cat dude

Posted by: k on December 7, 2004 08:53 PM
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