December 08, 2004
48 Down, 4 To Go

Jeff Tweedy's debut book of poetry, Adult Head, if taken as lyrics, isn't a bad book. As poetry, it's a strong initial effort, but musical backing would have filled in the weak spots. Tweedy takes chances, and often they pay off, but he won't be replacing Theodore Roethke or Wallace Stevens on my bookshelf any time soon. But then again, I won't be buying any of Stevens' or Roethke's music, either.

Book #58 will be Kazuo Ishiguro's detective novel, When We Were Orphans.

Posted by david on December 08, 2004

When We Were Orphans is greaat! At least the first and second acts are, doan want to ruin it for you, cuz it ruins itself "D

Posted by: grigory on December 9, 2004 09:17 PM
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