December 09, 2004
Bittorrent Brunch

Bittorrent downloads of live shows are not always just audio, as the first two offerings of today's Bittorrent Brunch show. With DVD burners and high speed internet becoming even more commonplace, expect more live show videos to be available in the future.

Sonic Youth: 2004-07-15, Portland [dvd]*
Miles Davis: two shows [dvd]*
Miles Davis: 1983-04-25, Brussels [shn]*
North Mississippi Allstars: 2004-10-16, Philadelphia [flac]
Be Good Tanyas: 2002-11-04 [flac]*
GWAR: 1985, Richmond (first show) [flac]
They Might Be Giants: 1999-10-23, New York [flac]
Radiohead: 2003-11-27, London [shn
David Byrne: 2004-06-13, Bonnaroo [flac]]

Posted by david on December 09, 2004

always coming through with the best collections of the day!

Posted by: SUMwon on December 9, 2004 06:45 PM
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