December 20, 2004
Tomorrow's Shopping Bag

With the end of year approaching and hardly any music being released, I'll be passing on the one interesting CD release this week, The Adored's debut ep.

The Simpsons' 5th season and Napoleon Dynamite will be in my shopping bag at the end of the day, though, both will make excellent holiday gifts for family and friends, and the Simpsons discs will be a great addition to our DVD library. Is there anything I'm missing?

The Adored: EP [cd]

The 4400 - The Complete First Season [dvd]
De-Lovely [dvd]
Drawing the Line - Portrait of Keith Haring [dvd]
King Arthur (Unrated Widescreen Director's Cut) [dvd]
The Manchurian Candidate (Widescreen Edition) [dvd]
Napoleon Dynamite [dvd]
Shaun of the Dead [dvd]
The Simpsons - The Complete Fifth Season [dvd]
The Simpsons - The Complete First Five Seasons [dvd]
Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Seasons 1-7 [dvd]
Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Seventh Season [dvd]
Surviving Christmas [dvd]
Thunderbirds (Full Screen Edition) [dvd]
Vincent Van Gogh - A Dutchman [dvd]

Posted by david on December 20, 2004

i would move shaun of the dead from releases list to shopping list.

Posted by: horace on December 20, 2004 10:35 AM

I'll second that. The extras are choice.

Posted by: Chris Neal on December 20, 2004 04:46 PM
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