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May 24, 2006

My Continuing Education Experience: Day 2

Today, I will recount the second day of the Visceral Manipulation class I took last week.

First we reviewed the material that we covered the first day and talked about how the work affected us that evening.

Next we finished learning techniques for the bladder.

Then we studied the anatomy, function, palpation and techniques for the kidneys. I was privileged to be the class demo. The instructor, who has years of experience working with these techniques, observed the fibrous capsule around my kidneys was tight. She released the tension around the kidneys and a portion of the low back pain I've been battling for year was eased.

Next we went into the hands-on lab. Having received the work I needed more attention from out teaching assistants (TAs). It was wonderful to have the TAs coming around to assist with palpation skills, clarifying handholds and correcting directional forces.

During the unit for ureters, I related my story about helping a client pass a kidney stone. (See Out You Damn Stone!)

Lastly, we began to study the anatomy of the uterus. I felt a little out-classed in the brains department because some of the students were very familiar with anatomy. One is seeking a PhD in physical therapy and teaches anatomy and another works in a women's health clinic and deals with female pelvis dysfunction on a daily basis--that took a little of the pressure off me. We did not begin hands-on techniques for the uterus until the next day.

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