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November 1, 2016

Online "Best of 2016" Book Lists

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2016' Book Lists

For the ninth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2016 lists.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2016" Book Lists:

19 Acres (books)

A. C. Wise (favorite novels, collections, and anthologies)
The Age (Australian authors' favourite books)
Alliterative Anxieties (favorite fiction)
Alohamora Open a Book (best children's book)
Alpha Reader (favourite books)
Amazon (best arts and photography books)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best business and leadership books)
Amazon (celebrity picks)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best comics and graphic novels)
Amazon (best cooking, food and wine books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best humor and entertainment books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mysteries and thrillers)
Amazon (best nonfiction)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Amazon (best young adult books)
Amazon (bestselling books)
Atlanta Journal Constitution (best cookbooks)
Aunt Agatha's (best books)

The Bandwagon - David
The Bandwagon - James (favourite books)
The Bandwagon - Vikki
Bank Street (best children's books)
Barnes and Noble (best books for young readers)
Barnes and Noble (best picture books)
Barnes and Noble (best science fiction and fantasy books)
Barnes and Noble (best young adult books)
Bear Books (best book covers)
Berkeley Heights Public Library (most checked out books)
Booktech Blogger (books)
Best Fantasy Books (best fantasy books)
Best Thrillers (best thrillers)
Big Comic Page (best comics)
Bioteaching (top arthropod books)
Bioteaching (top botany books)
Bioteaching (top climate change books)
Bioteaching (top ecology books)
Bioteaching (top environmentalism books)
Bioteaching (top evolution books)
Bioteaching (top geology books)
Bioteaching (top historical geology books)
Bioteaching (top human biology books)
Bioteaching (top invertebrate zoology books)
Bioteaching (top paleontology books)
Bioteaching (top phlyogenetics books)
Bioteaching (top vertebrate book)
Bioteaching (top zoology books)
Boing Boing (books)
BOLO Books (top books)
Book Beat (favorite books)
Book Riot (favorite literary TED talks)
Bookbub (breakthrough books)
The Bookbag (top non-fiction books)
Booklist (top arts books)
Booklist (top arts books for youth)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biographies on audio)
Booklist (top biographies for youth)
Booklist (top business books)
Booklist (top crafts and gardening books)
Booklist (top crime fiction for youth)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top graphic novels for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top horror fiction)
Booklist (top humorous fiction)
Booklist (top humorous fiction for youth)
Booklist (top literary travel books)
Booklist (top multicultural fiction for youth)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction)
Booklist (top multicultural nonfiction for youth)
Booklist (top project books for youth)
Booklist (top religion and spirituality books)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance debuts)
Booklist (top romance fiction for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy/horror for youth)
Booklist (top short story collections for youth)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklist (top sports fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction on audio)
The Bookbag (top children's non-fiction books)
The Bookbag (top general fiction)
The Bookbag (top historical fiction)
The Bookbag (top literary fiction)
The Bookbag (top non-fiction books)
The Bookbag (top teen books)
The Bookbag (top women's fiction books)
BookPage (best cookbooks)
BookPage (best mysteries and thrillers)
Booktrust (new Christmas picture books)
Boomerang Books (best books)
Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards (Irish books)
Boston Public Library (top picture books)
Boswell Bookstore (top books)
Brianna (top books)
Bright Horizons (children's books)
Britfic (favourite books)
British Book Design & Production Awards (British books)
Buchshelf (best economics books)
BuzzFeed (best fiction books)
BuzzFeed (best YA books)
BuzzFeed (hottest romance books)
BuzzFeed (YA books)

Carolina Bento (top books)
Caroline County Public Library (favorite books)
Casual Spectator (favorite sports books)
CBTNuggets (top CBTN certification exam books)
Challies (top books)
Charged Affairs (best foreign affairs books)
Chicago Tribune (best cookbooks)
Christchurch City Libraries (best and worst children's books)
Christchurch City Libraries (staff picks)
CKNY (best cookbooks)
Classic Boat (best sailing-related boats)
Confessions of a Science Librarian (best science books lists)
Conversations Magazine (top fiction)
Conversations Magazine (top non-fiction books)
Cosmos (top illustrated science books)
CSMCL (best books)
Cultivated (top books)
Cultured Vultures (most underrated books)

Daily Bulldog (top books)
Daily Mail (best books)
Daily Missoulian (best books)
DAM Architectural Book Award (architecture books)
Dark Dates (best books)
Datsudream (book surprises)
Delivering Grace (best books)
Detroit News (top decor books)
Dianne's Vegan Kitchen (vegan cookbooks)
The Dirt (best books)
Don't Mind the Mess (best books)
Dumbbells & Dragons (best books)
The Duquesne Duke (best books)
Durham Herald-Sun (best books)

EarlyWord (XLS link) (spreadsheet of fiction and poetry books on major lists)
East Bay Express (rad books for children)
Ear Chic Chicago (best healthy cookbooks)
Eat Your Books (best cookbooks)
Elle (most important books)
Elsbeth J. Magilton (favorite books)
Entropy (best fiction)
Entropy (best nonfiction books)
Entropy (best poetry books and collections)
Entropy (best presses, magazines, publishers, journals)
Evansville Courier & Press (books)
Eve Tushnet (best books)
Everett Public Library (best adult fiction and graphic novels)
Everett Public Library (best children's fiction and picture books)
Everett Public Library (best young adult fiction and graphic novels)
Everett Public Library (best young adult and children's nonfiction)

Faith Gateway (favorite books for kids)
FastCoDesign (best designed design books
Feld Thoughts (favorite books)
Financial Times (best book lists)
Financial Times (books)
Five Books - Baillie Gifford (best non-fiction books)
Five Books - Nigel Warburton (best philosophy books)
Food & Wine (best cookbooks)
Food for Fitness (top health, fitness, and nutrition books)
Food52 (notable cookbooks)
Forbidden Planet (top books)
Fortune (best beer books) (best books)

GAlexandra (best cookbooks for millenials)
GastroGays (best cookbooks)
Gcaptain (best nautical books)
Geographical (books of the year)
Glamour (top books)
Globe and Mail (best books)
Goodreads (best children's picture books)
Goodreads (best fantasy books)
Goodreads (best fiction)
Goodreads (best food books and cookbooks)
Goodreads (best graphic novels and comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history and biography)
Goodreads (best horror books)
Goodreads (best humor books)
Goodreads (best memoir and autobiography)
Goodreads (best middle grade and children's books)
Goodreads (best mystery and thriller books)
Goodreads (best nonfiction books)
Goodreads (best poetry collections)
Goodreads (best romance books)
Goodreads (best science and technology books)
Goodreads (best science fiction books)
Goodreads (best young adult fantasy books)
Goodreads (best young adult fiction)
GQ (best books)
Guardian (best biography and autobiography books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best books)
Guardian (best books on drink)
Guardian (best books on food)
Guardian (best children's books)
Guardian (best crime fiction)
Guardian (best fiction)
Guardian (best gardening books)
Guardian (best history books)
Guardian (best music books)
Guardian (best nature books)
Guardian (best paperbacks)
Guardian (best politics books)
Guardian (best SF and fantasy books)
Guardian (best sports books)
Guardian (best stocking stuffer books)
Guardian (favourite cookbooks)

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