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October 24, 2021

Online "Best of 2021" Book Lists

For the fourteenth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating regularly.

Please feel free to e-mail me with a magazine, newspaper, or other online list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2021" lists.

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Online "Best of 2021" Book Lists:

The A.V. Club (best pop culture books)
Abe Books (best books)
Adjacent Possible (books)
Air & Space Magazine (best children's books)
Alyssa Milano (favorite books)
Amazon (best biographies and memoirs)
Amazon (best books)
Amazon (best business and leadership books)
Amazon (best children's books)
Amazon (best cookbook, food and wine books)
Amazon (best history books)
Amazon (best literature and fiction)
Amazon (best mysteries and thrillers)
Amazon (best nonfiction)
Amazon (best romance books)
Amazon (best science books)
Amazon (best science fiction and fantasy)
Amazon (best teen and young adult books)
Amazon Book Review (books by Native American authors)
American Birding Association (best bird books)
Amor Towles (best books)
An Post Book Awards (best Irish sports books)
Analytics India (best AI books)
APS Photobook Competition (best photobooks)
Arthur C Clarke Award (best science fiction)
Audie Awards (best audiobooks)
Avani Gregg (best books)
awordofdreams (best books)

Baillie Gifford Prize (best nonfiction books)
The Balance (best personal finance books)
Bank Square Books/Savoy Bookshop & Cafe (best books)
Bank Street (best children's book lists)
Barnes and Noble (best biographies)
Barnes and Noble (best books)
Barnes and Noble (best books for young readers)
Barnes and Noble (best cookbooks)
Barnes and Noble (best fiction)
Barnes and Noble (best history books)
Barnes and Noble (best manga series)
Barnes and Noble (best mysteries and thrillers)
Barnes and Noble (best personal growth books)
Barnes and Noble (best picture books)
Barnes and Noble (best romance)
Barnes and Noble (best science fiction and fantasy)
Barnes and Noble (best science & nature books)
Barnes and Noble (best teens & YA books)
Barnes and Noble (best YA & Teens Adventure books)
BBC History Magazine (best books for history lovers)
BBC Science Focus (best smart thinking books)
Best Thrillers (best thriller books)
Better (best cookbooks)
Beverly Public Library (favorite books)
Beyond the Bookends (best books)
Bill Gates (favorite books)
Billy Porter (favorite books)
Blue Willow Bookshop (best books)
Bobby Hall (favorite books)
Bon Appetit (cookbooks)
The Book Decoder (best books)
Book of the Month Club (best books)
Book Riot (best genre-bending nonfiction)
Book Riot (great YA comics)
Bookforum (writers' favorite books)
Booklist (amazing audiobooks for young adults)
Booklist (best adult genre fiction)
Booklist (best fiction for young adults)
Booklist (notable books)
Booklist (top biographies)
Booklist (top biography & memoir for youth)
Booklist (top book group books)
Booklist (top books on the environment & sustainability)
Booklist (top books on the environment & sustainability for youth)
Booklist (top crafts & hobby books)
Booklist (top crime fiction)
Booklist (top crime fiction debuts)
Booklist (top first novels)
Booklist (top first novels for youth)
Booklist (top first novels on audio)
Booklist (top food books)
Booklist (top graphic novels)
Booklist (top graphic novels for youth)
Booklist (top graphic novels for teens)
Booklist (top health & wellness books)
Booklist (top health & wellness books)">Booklist (top health & wellness books for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction)
Booklist (top historical fiction for youth)
Booklist (top historical fiction on audio)
Booklist (top memoirs)
Booklist (top middle-grade audiobooks)
Booklist (top mystery & thriller on audio)
Booklist (top mysteries for youth)
Booklist (top novels for tweens)
Booklist (top romance debuts)
Booklist (top romance fiction)
Booklist (top romance for youth)
Booklist (top series nonfiction)
Booklist (top reference books)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy & horror)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy & horror debuts)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy & horror debuts for youth)
Booklist (top SF/fantasy & horrorfor youth)
Booklist (top sports and recreation books)
Booklist (top sports books for youth)
Booklist (top women's fiction)
Booklist (top women's fiction on audio)
Booklist Queen (best books)
BookPage (best fiction)
BookPage (best middle-grade and chapter books)
BookPage (best mystery & suspense books)
BookPage (best nonfiction)
BookPage (best picture books)
BookPage (best romance)
BookPage (best science fiction & fantasy books)
BookPage (best young adult books)
Books, Bones & Buffy (best science fiction books)
Bookshop Santa Cruz (best books)
Boxing Scene (boxing books)
Brian Stewart (best cookbooks for family cooks)
Brightly (best picture books)
Brightly (best young adult books)
BState (best change management books)
Business Insider (best books by Native authors)
BuzzFeed (photo books)

Cal Flyn (best novels)
Chicago Public Library (best board books)
Chicago Public Library (best books)
Chicago Public Library (best top books)
Chicago Public Library (best fiction for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best fiction for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best informational books for older readers)
Chicago Public Library (best informational books for younger readers)
Chicago Public Library (best picture books)
Chicago Public Library (best teen graphic novels and manga)
Chicago Public Library (best teen nonfiction)
Chicago Public Library (best teen fiction)
Chicago Public Library (los mejores libros en españo)
Chicago Tribune (best books)
Chloe's Not Scared (best horror books)
Civil Eats (food and farming books)
The College Crowd Digs Me (favorite books)
Common Sense Media (best books)
The Cosmic Companion (best astronomy books)
Cultured Vultures (best books)

David Chang (favorite books)
Debutiful (best debut books)
Desi Books (books by writers of South Asian origin)
Drew Barrymore (favorite cookbooks)

Elizabeth Day (favourite books)
Elle McNicoll (favourite books)
Emma Straub (top books)
Esquire Spain (best books)
The Estuary (favorite books)
Evening Standard (best novels)

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé (favourite books)
Fated Mates (best romance novels)
Financial Times (best audio books)
Financial Times (best books by Financial Times writers)
Financial Times (best business books)
Financial Times (best children's books)
Financial Times (best classical music books)
Financial Times (best climate and environment books)
Financial Times (best crime fiction)
Financial Times (best economics books)
Financial Times (best fiction)
Financial Times (best architecture & design books)
Financial Times (best fiction in translation)
Financial Times (best food & drink books)
Financial Times (best history books)
Financial Times (best literary nonfiction)
Financial Times (best poetry books)
Financial Times (best politics books)
Financial Times (best pop music books)
Financial Times (best science books)
Financial Times (best science fiction books)
Financial Times (best sport books)
Financial Times (best style books)
Financial Times (best technology books)
Financial Times (best thrillers)
Financial Times (best travel books)
Financial Times (best visual arts books)
Financial Times (best young adult books)
Financial Times (critics' best books)
Financial Times (readers' favourite books)
Financial Times & McKinsey Business Book of the Year (business books)
Five Books (best books for teens)
Five Books (best conservation books)
Five Books (best thrillers)
Food Network (best baking cookbooks)
Food Network (best cookbooks)
The Food Programme (best books)
Forbes (notable illustrated music books)
Foreign Policy (best books)

Geauga Public Library (favorite books)
Globe and Mail (books)
GoBookMart (best debut books)
Good Housekeeping UK (best books)
Goodreads (best debut novels)
Goodreads (best fantasy)
Goodreads ( best fiction)
Goodreads (best graphic novels & comics)
Goodreads (best historical fiction)
Goodreads (best history & biography)
Goodreads (best horror)
Goodreads (best humor)
Goodreads (best memoir & autobiography)
Goodreads (best middle-grade & fantasy books)
Goodreads (best mystery & thriller)
Goodreads (best nonfiction)
Goodreads (best poetry)
Goodreads (best romance)
Goodreads (best science fiction)
Goodreads (best young adult fantasy)
Goodreads (best young adult fiction)
GQ India (best Indian non-fiction books)
GQ UK (best cookbooks)

Hachette Book Group (best books)
Happy Foodie (best cookbooks)
HiggyPop (must-read paranormal and supernatural books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)

If Books Could Kill (engrossing book club books)
Imagination Soup (best chapter and middle grade books)
Imagination Soup (best picture books)
Indigo (best books)
Indigo (best books in French)
Indigo (best cookbooks)
Indigo (best fiction)
Indigo (best kids' books)
Indigo (best non-fiction)
Indigo (best self-help books)
Indigo (best teen books)
Irish Times (best books)
Irish Times (best poetry books)
It's Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile (best debut books)

Jennifer L. Armentrout (favorite books)
JJA News (best books on jazz and jazz-adjacent topics)
Joe Hill (favorite books)
John Leguizamo (favorite books)
Julie Calcote (best and worst fiction books)
Junkyard Wisdom (favorite books)

K With Books Blog (most surprising books)
Katherine Harbour (favorite fantasy/dark horror books)
Kirkus (best American history books)
Kirkus (best biographies)
Kirkus (best book club fiction)
Kirkus (best books about being Black in America)
Kirkus (best books to stir heated debate)
Kirkus (best collections)
Kirkus (best culture books)
Kirkus (best debut fiction)
Kirkus (best environmental fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction in translation)
Kirkus (best fictional families)
Kirkus (best historical fiction)
Kirkus (best memoirs)
Kirkus (best most urgent books of current affairs)
Kirkus (best mysteries & thrillers)
Kirkus (best nature & environment books)
Kirkus (best picture books)
Kirkus (best romance)
Kirkus (best science books)
Kirkus (best science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus (best short fiction)
Kirkus (best writers to discover)
Kirkus (scariest books)

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Arizona O'Neill (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Catherine (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Fannie (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Francine (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly - Sodary (favorite books)
LitReactor (scariest horror books)
Los Angeles Times (best nonfiction books)
Lucie's Library (top books)

Marginal Revolution (best and worst non-fiction books)
MBTB's Mystery Book Blog (best books)
Michael Eric Dyson (favorite books)
Miles Kelly (bestselling picture books)
Misty Copeland (favorite books)
MSN (best travel books)
Munchkin Fun at Home (best books)
My World of Books (best and worst series)

Naturalist Weekly (favorite books)
The Naughty Book Box (best reverse harem books)
New Statesman (best books)
New York Post (best books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times/New York Public Library (best illustrated children's books)
Nick Offerman (favorite books)
New York Public Library (best books for adults)
New York Public Library (best books for kids)
New York Public Library (best books for teens)
New York Times (best books)
New Zealand Herald (best cookbooks)
Nigel Warburton (best philosophy books)
NPR Books (best books)
NPR Books (staff favorite books)

Off the Record (favourite debut books)
Oprah Daily (best books)
Orange County Register (booksellers' recommended books)

Padma Lakshmni (best books)
Parade (best YA books)
Parents (best children's books)
Park & Oak Interior Design (favorite books)
PBS (authors' favorite mystery books)
Phoebe Robinson (best books)
Pitchfork (best music books)
Planetizen (top urban planning books)
Powell's (best fiction)
Powell's (best kids' and young adult books)
Powell's (best nonfiction)
Powell's (best sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, and graphic novels)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)">Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best middle-grade books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery books)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry books)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance books)
Publishers Weekly (best SF, fantasy, and horror books)
Publishers Weekly (best young adult books)
Publishers Weekly (top books)
PsychCentral (best books for ADHD)
PsychCentral (best books about anxiety)
PsychCentral (best books about depression)
PsychCentral (best self-help books)
PsychCentral (best mental health books)
PsychCentral (best mindfulness books)

Raegen Pietrucha (poetry books)
Raleigh News & Observer (best books for kids, young adults and families)
Readings (favourite history books by women)
Readings (favourite kids graphic novels)
Readings (favourite queer YA books)
Rick Ross (best books)
Riveted (favorite YA fantasy books)
Robin Arzón (best books)
Rough Trade (best books)
The Royal Society Book Prize (popular science books)
Rukmini Iyer (favourite books)
Ryan Holiday (best books)

Sam Storms (best books)
Samantha Shannon (favourite books)
San Diego Union-Tribune (best art books)
San Diego Union-Tribune (best fiction books)
San Diego Union-Tribune (best nonfiction books)
San Francisco Chronicle (best cookbooks)
Sarah Bessey's Field Notes (best books)
Sarah Dry (best climate books)
Sarah J. Maas (best books)
Sarah Moss (favourite books)
Sarah's Bookshelves (best books)
Sathnam Sanghera (favourite books)
School Library Journal (best chapter books)
School Library Journal (best graphic novels)
School Library Journal (best middle grade books)
School Library Journal (best nonfiction)
School Library Journal (best picture books)
School Library Journal (best poetry)
School Library Journal (best young adult books)
Sci-fi Fantasy Lit Chick (favorite books)
Scribd (best books to organize your life)
Shelf Awareness (best books)
Shelf Awareness (best children's & YA books)
SheReads (books club picks)
SheReads (favorite books by Indigenous authors)
SheReads (funniest books)
SheReads (best literary historical fiction)
Shona Reads (top African books)
SHRM (best business books leaders read)
Smithsonian Magazine (best books about travel)
Smithsonian Magazine (best history books)
Smithsonian Magazine (Smithsonian Scholars' favorite books) (best Star Wars books)
Spectator (books of the year)
The Spruce Eats (best air fryer cookbooks)
The Spruce Eats (best baking cookbooks)
The Spruce Eats (best cookbooks for beginners)
The Spruce Eats (best cookbooks for kids)
The Spruce Eats (best Italian cookbooks)
The Spruce Eats (best vegan cookbooks)
The Spruce Pets (best dog training books)
Stanley Tucci (best books)
stevestredauthor (top anthologies & collections)
strategy & business (best business management books)
strategy & business (best business narratives)
strategy & business (best business strategy books)
strategy & business (best business tech & innovation books)
strategy & business (best consumer behavior books)
strategy & business (best economics books)
strategy & business (best leadership books)
Stylist (best books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Tamron Hall (favorite books)
Task & Purpose (best military books)
Tattered Cover (best books)
Telegraph (best biographies)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best books on cancel culture)
Telegraph (best British politics books)
Telegraph (best celebrity memoirs)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best crime fiction and thrillers)
Telegraph (best novels and fiction)
Third Place Books (top books)
TIME (must-read books)
The Times (best art books)
The Times (best biography and memoir books)
The Times (best books)
The Times (best books for children)
The Times (best books for children)
The Times (best comedy books)
The Times (best crime books)
The Times (best fiction books)
The Times (best film and theatre books)
The Times (best food books)
The Times (best gardening books)
The Times (best historical fiction books)
The Times (best history books)
The Times (best literary non-fiction books)
The Times (best paperbacks)
The Times (best philosophy and ideas books)
The Times (best political and current affairs books)
The Times (best rock and pop music books)
The Times (best sci-fi books)
The Times (best science and environment books)
The Times (best sports books)
The Times (best thriller books)
The Times (best self-help books)
Trisha Yearwood (favorite books)
Tulsa Kids (librarians' favorite children's books)

Unabridged Bookstore (favorite books)

Vanity Fair (best cookbooks)
VICE (best cookbooks)
The Vision (noteworthy children's books by Indian authors)
Vogue (best coffee table books)

Wall Street Journal (best books)
Washington Independent Review of Books (favorite books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best book covers)
Washington Post (best books)
Washington Post (best books to gift)
Washington Post (best children's books)
Washington Post (best feel-good books)
Washington Post (best graphic novels)
Washington Post (best romance novels)
Washington Post (best science fiction, fantasy, and horror)
Washington Post (best thriller and mystery books)
Washington Post (best wine books)
Washington Post (notable fiction)
Washington Post (notable nonfiction)
Waterstones (best baby & toddler books)
Waterstones (best biography books)
Waterstones (best children's books)
Waterstones (best crime & thriller books)
Waterstones (best entertainment books)
Waterstones (best food & drink books)
Waterstones (best history books)
Waterstones (best horror fiction)
Waterstones (best humour books)
Waterstones (best nature writing)
Waterstones (best poetry books)
Waterstones (best politics books)
Waterstones (best popular science books)
Waterstones (best science fiction and fantasy)
Waterstones (best sport books)
Wealth Management (best business books for managers)
Wesleyan Argus (best books)
The What (best fiction)

Yachting Daily (best sailing books & cruising guides)
Year-end Lists (lists of "best books of 2021" lists)

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