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May 14, 2002

Disarming Copy-Protected Music CD's

Has Celine Dion locked up your iMac? Looking to play the latest Natalie Imbruglia on your PC? All you need is some electrical tape or a permanent marker, according to the Register.

It's funny that every time the media companies try some form of copyright protection, it is quickly foiled by their customers. For me, my computer has become the main source for music. When I buy a new CD, the first thing I do is convert the tracks to MP3 so I can add the music to my collection, where I can mix and match tracks and create a soundtrack to my day. I've invested in a quality soundcard and a good 4.1 speaker system, and I feel that once I buy music, I should be able to do what I wish with it (for my own use, of course).

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