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August 16, 2019

John Doe and Tom DeSavia's Playlist for Their Book "More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk"

More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book.

Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others.

More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk thoroughly examines the culture and impact of L.A. punk through the eyes of musicians, filmmakers, artists, and others.

In their own words, here is John Doe and Tom DeSavia's Book Notes music playlist for their book More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk:

“Amanda Ruth” - Rank & File - the Kinman Brothers crafted a punk rock Everly Brothers tune so good that the Everlys wound up cutting it themselves.

“I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” - X - Woody Guthrie sang about B-E-E-T-S, not B-E-A-T-S. What was written somewhat sarcastically now is more of a affirmation or wish.

“Wild in the Streets” - Circle Jerks - Most don't know this is a cover of a Garland Jeffries song, a lyrical perfect fit for Mrs. America's real favorite son, Keith Morris.

“Ugly” - Fishbone - Beautifully fucked up ska punk that would launch a thousand ships. If you don't know Fishbone, you ain't got no alibi.

“A Million Miles Away” – The Plimsouls - what a bonafide regional hit sounds like. It reached further & proves how good the songwriting then could be.

“Final Wild Son” – Long Ryders - The press called it cow-punk... whatever... we dare you not to dance. The fact it’s about Jerry Lee Lewis shows how these bands connected w/ Sun Records.

"East of Eden" - Lone Justice - This Marvin Etzioni-penned number was the tune that Maria felt captured the real Lone Justice on their first and only real band record of the era. We agree.

“Another State of Mind” - Social Distortion - Mike Ness and co. rave it up with a dark, punk rock West Side Story.

“Long White Cadillac” - The Blasters - Dwight Yoakum figured out how to reign in and slow down Dave Alvin's uncontrollable groove and had a big country hit with this one. The Blasters version best enjoyed in a packed, dirty club, cheap beer optional.

“The New World” - X - a political song that will always ring true. It was better before before they voted for What's-His-Name.

John Doe, Tom DeSavia and More Fun in the New World: The Unmaking and Legacy of L.A. Punk links:

excerpt from the book

Austin Chronicle profile of John Doe
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Variety interview with the authors

also at Largehearted Boy:

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Kevin Powers' Playlist for His Novel "A Shout in the Ruins"

Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple's Playlist for Their Book "Brothers of the Gun"

May 14, 2018

Julia Fine's Playlist for Her Novel "What Should Be Wild"

Todd Robert Petersen's Playlist for His Novel "It Needs to Look Like We Tried"

May 10, 2018

Steven Hyden's Playlist for His Book "Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock"

May 9, 2018

Rita Bullwinkel's Playlist for Her Story Collection "Belly Up"

May 8, 2018

Joanna Cantor's Playlist for Her Novel "Alternative Remedies for Loss"

Joanna Cantor's Playlist for Her Novel "Alternative Remedies for Loss"

Alex Segura's Playlist for His Novel "Blackout"

May 7, 2018

Brendan Kiely's Playlist for His Novel "Tradition"

May 4, 2018

William Boyle's Playlist for His Novel "The Lonely Witness"

May 3, 2018

Lucas Mann's Playlist for His Book "Captive Audience"

May 2, 2018

Abraham Smith's Playlist for His Book "Destruction of Man"

May 1, 2018

Emmanuelle de Villepin's Playlist for Her Novel "The Devil's Reward"

Lisa Romeo's Playlist for Her Memoir "Starting with Goodbye"

April 30, 2018

Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar's Playlist for Her Novel "The Map of Salt and Stars"

April 24, 2018

Joe Donnelly's Playlist for His Essay Collection "L.A. Man"

April 20, 2018

Liz Crain's Playlist for Her Book "Grow Your Own"

April 19, 2018

Malinda McCollum's Playlist for Her Short Story Collection "The Surprising Place"

April 18, 2018

Elise Juska's Playlist for Her Novel "If We Had Known"

April 17, 2018

Rebekah Frumkin's Playlist for Her Novel "The Comedown"

Sofija Stefanovic's Playlist for Her Memoir "Miss Ex-Yugoslavia"

April 13, 2018

Jackson Ellis's Playlist for His Novel "Lords of St. Thomas"

This Week's Interesting Music Releases - April 13, 2018

April 12, 2018

Steve Kistulentz's Playlist for His Novel "Panorama"

April 11, 2018

Cynan Jones's Playlist for His Novel "Cove"

Cynan Jones's Playlist for His Novel "Cove"

Jez Burrows' Playlist for His Short Story Collection "Dictionary Stories"

April 10, 2018

Therese Bohman's Playlist for Her Novel "Eventide"

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Lauren Elkin's Playlist for Her Book "Flâneuse"

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Michael Imperioli's Playlist for His Novel "The Perfume Burned His Eyes"

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Jonathan Evison's Playlist for His Novel "Lawn Boy"

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Weike Wang's Playlist for Her Novel "Chemistry"

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Poe Ballantine's Playlist for His Novel "Whirlaway"

Michael Kardos's Playlist for His Novel "Bluff"

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Jeff Apter's Playlist for His Book "High Voltage: The Life of Angus Young, AC/DC's Last Man Standing"

March 29, 2018

Jennifer Clement's Playlist for Her Novel "Gun Love"

March 28, 2018

Andrea Barnet's Playlist for Her Book "Visionary Women"

March 27, 2018

Rebecca Kauffman's Playlist for Her Novel "The Gunners"

Leah Stewart's Playlist for Her Novel "What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw"

Leah Stewart's Playlist for Her Novel "What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw"

Simon Jacobs's Playlist for His Novel "Palaces"

March 23, 2018

Tyler McMahon's Playlist for His Novel "Dream of Another America"

March 22, 2018

Akwaeke Emezi's Playlist for Her Novel "Freshwater"

Steven Seidenberg's Playlist for "Situ"

March 21, 2018

Book Notes - Tadzio Koelb "Trenton Makes"

Book Notes - Jamey Bradbury "The Wild Inside"

March 20, 2018

Book Notes - Wendell Steavenson "Paris Metro"

March 19, 2018

Book Notes - Jaroslav Kalfar "Spaceman of Bohemia"

March 16, 2018

Book Notes - Patrick Nathan "Some Hell"

March 15, 2018

Book Notes - Curtis White "Lacking Character"

March 14, 2018

Book Notes - Lynne Tillman "Men and Apparitions"

Book Notes - Stephen Kuusisto "Have Dog, Will Travel"

March 13, 2018

Book Notes - Sarah Henstra "The Red Word"

March 12, 2018

Book Notes - Michael Noll "The Writer's Field Guide to the Craft of Fiction"

Book Notes - Michael Noll "The Writer's Field Guide to the Craft of Fiction"

March 9, 2018

Book Notes - Matt Young "Eat the Apple"

March 8, 2018

Book Notes - Leesa Cross-Smith "Whiskey & Ribbons"

March 7, 2018

Book Notes - Ryan H. Walsh "Astral Weeks"

March 6, 2018

Book Notes - Meghan Kenny "The Driest Season"

March 5, 2018

Book Notes - Natalie Singer "California Calling"

Book Notes - Emma Byrne "Swearing Is Good for You"

Book Notes - Emma Byrne "Swearing Is Good for You"

March 2, 2018

Book Notes - Joanne Serling "Good Neighbors"

Book Notes - Joanne Serling "Good Neighbors"

March 1, 2018

Book Notes - Peter Stenson "Thirty-Seven"

Book Notes - Peter Stenson "Thirty-Seven"

February 28, 2018

Book Notes - Scott O'Connor "A Perfect Universe"

Book Notes - Vincent Chu "Like A Champion"

February 27, 2018

Book Notes - Del Samatar "Monster Portraits"

February 26, 2018

Book Notes - Anne Raeff "Winter Kept Us Warm"

Book Notes - Douglas Light "Where Night Stops"

February 23, 2018

Book Notes - Kaethe Schwehn "The Rending and the Nest"

February 21, 2018

Book Notes - Kelly Barnhill "Dreadful Young Ladies, and Other Stories"

Book Notes - Andrea Gibson "Take Me With You"

Book Notes - Andrea Gibson "Take Me With You"

Book Notes - Jonathan Blunk "James Wright: A Life in Poetry"

February 19, 2018

Book Notes - Cheston Knapp "Up Up, Down Down"

February 16, 2018

Book Notes - Ryan McIlvain "The Radicals"

February 14, 2018

Book Notes - Tim Wirkus "The Infinite Future"

Book Notes - Michael Nye "All the Castles Burned"

February 13, 2018

Book Notes - Lauren Moseley "Big Windows"

February 12, 2018

Book Notes - Danielle Lazarin "Back Talk"

Book Notes - Tom Sweterlitsch "The Gone World"

February 9, 2018

Book Notes - Terese Marie Mailhot "Heart Berries"

February 8, 2018

Book Notes - David Peisner "Homey Don't Play That!"

February 7, 2018

Book Notes - Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi "Call Me Zebra"

February 6, 2018

Book Notes - Tayari Jones "An American Marriage"

Book Notes - Alex Higley "Old Open"

February 5, 2018

Book Notes - Anca L Szilagyi "Daughters of the Air"

Book Notes - Hillary Chute "Why Comics?"

Book Notes - David Keenan "This Is Memorial Device"

February 2, 2018

Book Notes - Michael A. Ferro "TITLE 13"

January 31, 2018

Book Notes - Xhenet Aliu "Brass"

Book Notes - David Giffels "Furnishing Eternity"

January 30, 2018

Book Notes - Morgan Jerkins "This Will Be My Undoing"

Book Notes - Morgan Jerkins "This Will Be My Undoing"

January 29, 2018

Book Notes - Chandler Klang Smith "The Sky Is Yours"

Book Notes - Man Martin "The Lemon Jell-O Syndrome"

January 25, 2018

Book Notes - Giano Cromley "What We Build Upon the Ruins"

January 24, 2018

Book Notes - Sandra Allen "A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise"

Book Notes - Sandra Allen "A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise"

January 23, 2018

Book Notes - Timmy Reed "Kill Me Now"

January 22, 2018

Book Notes - Thomas Mira y Lopez "The Book of Resting Places"

Book Notes - Tyrell Johnson "The Wolves of Winter"

January 19, 2018

Book Notes - Will Dowd "Areas of Fog"

January 18, 2018

Book Notes - Neel Mukherjee "A State of Freedom"

January 17, 2018

Book Notes - Deborah Reed "The Days When Birds Come Back"

January 16, 2018

Book Notes - Steph Post "Walk In The Fire"

January 12, 2018

Book Notes - Thomas Pierce "The Afterlives"

January 11, 2018

Book Notes - Christopher J. Yates "Grist Mill Road"

January 10, 2018

Book Notes - Alan Michael Parker "Christmas in July"

January 9, 2018

Book Notes - Robin MacArthur "Heart Spring Mountain"

Book Notes - Colin Winnette "The Job of the Wasp"

January 3, 2018

Book Notes - James Han Mattson "The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves"

January 2, 2018

Book Notes - Maud Casey "The Art of Mystery"

December 12, 2017

Book Notes - Kiki Petrosino "Witch Wife"

November 30, 2017

Book Notes - Joseph Keckler "Dragon at the Edge of a Flat World"

November 29, 2017

Book Notes - Ross Simonini "The Book of Formation"

November 28, 2017

Book Notes - Dinitia Smith "The Honeymoon"

November 27, 2017

Book Notes - Maryl Jo Fox "Clara at the Edge"

November 21, 2017

Book Notes - Richard F. Thomas "Why Bob Dylan Matters"

November 16, 2017

Book Notes - Gayle Brandeis "The Art of Misdiagnosis"

November 15, 2017

Book Notes - Jessica Keener "Strangers in Budapest"

November 14, 2017

Book Notes - Amy P. Knight "Lost, Almost"

November 8, 2017

Book Notes - Shane Hinton "We Can't Help It If We're From Florida"

November 7, 2017

Book Notes - Louise Miller "The City Baker's Guide to Country Living"

November 6, 2017

Book Notes - Becky Mandelbaum "Bad Kansas"

Book Notes - Rebecca Wait "The Followers"

November 3, 2017

Book Notes - Sung Yim "What About the Rest of Your Life"

November 2, 2017

Book Notes - Christopher Irvin "Ragged"

October 30, 2017

Book Notes - Nikki Giovanni "A Good Cry"

Book Notes - Phil Harrison "The First Day"

October 25, 2017

Book Notes - Stephanie Burt "Advice from the Lights"

Book Notes - John Dolan "The War Nerd Iliad"

October 23, 2017

Book Notes - Hernan Diaz "In the Distance"

Book Notes - Joshua Max Feldman "Start Without Me"

October 18, 2017

Book Notes - Ray Padgett "Cover Me: The Stories Behind the Greatest Cover Songs of All Time"

October 17, 2017

Book Notes - C. Morgan Babst "The Floating World"

October 16, 2017

Book Notes - Pamela Ryder "Paradise Field"

Book Notes - Barney Hoskyns "Joni: The Anthology"

October 13, 2017

Book Notes - R. Dean Johnson "Californium"

October 12, 2017

Book Notes - Alex Behr "Planet Grim"

October 11, 2017

Book Notes - Celeste Ng "Little Fires Everywhere"

Book Notes - Wiley Cash "The Last Ballad"

October 10, 2017

Book Notes - Sorayya Khan "City of Spies"

Book Notes - Tatiana Ryckman "I Don't Think of You (Until I Do)"

October 5, 2017

Book Notes - Constance Squires "Live from Medicine Park"

Book Notes - Bradford Morrow "The Prague Sonata"

October 4, 2017

Book Notes - Jeffrey Schultz "Civil Twilight"

October 3, 2017

Book Notes - Josh Weil "The Age of Perpetual Light"

Book Notes - Peter Stamm "To the Back of Beyond"

October 2, 2017

Book Notes - Adam Gussow "Beyond the Crossroads: The Devil and the Blues Tradition"

Book Notes - James Grady and Keir Graff "Montana Noir"

September 29, 2017

Book Notes - Melissa Fraterrigo "Glory Days"

September 28, 2017

Book Notes - Daniel Kane "'Do You Have a Band?'"

September 27, 2017

Book Notes - Chantel Acevedo "The Living Infinite"

Book Notes - David Friend "The Naughty Nineties"

September 26, 2017

Book Notes - Stephen King and Owen King "Sleeping Beauties"

Book Notes - Alice Anderson "Some Bright Morning, I'll Fly Away"

September 25, 2017

Book Notes - Pat Thomas "Did It! From Yippie To Yuppie: Jerry Rubin, An American Revolutionary"

Book Notes - Rodrigo Hasbún "Affections"

September 21, 2017

Book Notes - Lisa Ko "The Leavers"

Book Notes - Jorge Armenteros "The Roar of the River"

September 20, 2017

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Book Notes - Scott Esposito "The Doubles"

September 19, 2017

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Book Notes - Jude Angelini "Hummingbird"

September 18, 2017

Book Notes - Ariel Gore "We Were Witches"

Book Notes - Joyce Maynard "The Best of Us"

September 15, 2017

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September 14, 2017

Book Notes - Tod Goldberg "Gangster Nation"

September 13, 2017

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September 12, 2017

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September 11, 2017

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September 8, 2017

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September 7, 2017

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September 6, 2017

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Book Notes - KL Pereira "A Dream Between Two Rivers"

September 5, 2017

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Book Notes - Anna Lena Phillips Bell "Ornament"

September 1, 2017

Book Notes - Karl Geary "Montpelier Parade"

August 31, 2017

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August 30, 2017

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August 28, 2017

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Book Notes - Victor Corona "Night Class"

August 25, 2017

Book Notes - Lucy Ives "Impossible Views of the World"

August 23, 2017

Book Notes - Alistair McCartney "The Disintegrations"

August 22, 2017

Book Notes - Jarett Kobek "The Future Won't Be Long"

August 21, 2017

Book Notes - Jarret Middleton "Darkansas"

August 18, 2017

Book Notes - Caitlin Hamilton Summie "To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts"

August 17, 2017

Book Notes - Matthew Zapruder "Why Poetry"

August 16, 2017

Book Notes - Fiona Helmsley "Girls Gone Old"

August 15, 2017

Book Notes - Paul Yoon "The Mountain"

August 14, 2017

Book Notes - Sylvia Brownrigg "Pages For Her"

August 11, 2017

Book Notes - Suzanne Burns "The Veneration of Monsters"

August 10, 2017

Book Notes - Jonathan Ashley "South of Cincinnati"

August 9, 2017

Book Notes - Jardine Libaire "White Fur"

August 8, 2017

Book Notes - Jennifer Tseng "The Passion of Woo & Isolde"

August 7, 2017

Book Notes - Sarah Schmidt "See What I Have Done"

August 4, 2017

Book Notes - Scott Gould "Strangers to Temptation"

August 3, 2017

Book Notes - Augustus Rose "The Readymade Thief"

August 2, 2017

Book Notes - Theodore Wheeler "Kings of Broken Things"

August 1, 2017

Book Notes - Kristen Iskandrian "Motherest"

Book Notes - Danya Kukafka "Girl in Snow"

July 28, 2017

Book Notes - David Gessner "Ultimate Glory"

July 26, 2017

Book Notes - Elaine M. Hayes "Queen of Bebop: The Musical Lives of Sarah Vaughan"

July 25, 2017

Book Notes - Jay Baron Nicorvo "The Standard Grand"

July 24, 2017

Book Notes - Melissa Febos "Abandon Me"

Book Notes - David Williams "When the English Fall"

July 21, 2017

Book Notes - David Burr Gerrard "The Epiphany Machine"

July 20, 2017

Book Notes - Anthony Tambakis "Swimming with Bridgeport Girls"

July 19, 2017

Book Notes - Andrew Sean Greer "Less"

Book Notes - James Kelman "Dirt Road"

Book Notes - Gunnhild Øyehaug "Knots"

July 18, 2017

Book Notes - Noley Reid "Pretend We Are Lovely"

Book Notes - Christopher Bollen "The Destroyers"

Book Notes - Brian Platzer "Bed-Stuy Is Burning"

July 17, 2017

Book Notes - Rachel Khong "Goodbye, Vitamin"

Book Notes - Monica Carol Miller "Being Ugly: Southern Women Writers and Social Rebellion"

July 14, 2017

Book Notes - Dina Nayeri "Refuge"

July 10, 2017

Book Notes - Madison Smartt Bell "Behind the Moon"

July 7, 2017

Book Notes - Patrick Dacey "The Outer Cape"

July 6, 2017

Book Notes - Bill Roorbach "The Girl of the Lake"

July 5, 2017

Book Notes - Ian Stansel "The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo"

July 3, 2017

Book Notes - Don Waters "The Saints of Rattlesnake Mountain"

June 30, 2017

Book Notes - Jeffrey Costello & Robert Tagliapietra "The JCRT Plaid Library (2017 Edition)"

Book Notes - Victoria Redel "Before Everything"

June 29, 2017

Book Notes - Diksha Basu "The Windfall"

June 19, 2017

Book Notes - Andrew Ervin "Bit by Bit"

Book Notes - Nicholas Bredie "Not Constantinople"

June 16, 2017

Book Notes - Nick White "How to Survive a Summer"

June 15, 2017

Book Notes - Paul Cohen "The Glamshack"

June 14, 2017

Book Notes - Don Lee "Lonesome Lies Before Us"

June 13, 2017

Book Notes - Tom Stern "My Vanishing Twin"

Book Notes - Brontez Purnell "Since I Laid My Burden Down"

June 12, 2017

Book Notes - N. West Moss "The Subway Stops at Bryant Park"

Book Notes - Dave Boling "The Lost History of Stars"

June 9, 2017

Book Notes - Blake Nelson "Boy"

June 8, 2017

Book Notes - Haroon Moghul "How to Be a Muslim"

June 7, 2017

Book Notes - Min Kym "Gone: A Girl, a Violin, a Life Unstrung"

Book Notes - Jordan Harper "She Rides Shotgun"

June 6, 2017

Book Notes - Jill Eisenstadt "Swell"

Book Notes - Alan Drew "Shadow Man"

Book Notes - Delia Cabe "Storied Bars of New York"

June 2, 2017

Book Notes - Cosey Fanni Tutti "Art Sex Music"

June 1, 2017

Book Notes - Sarah Moriarty "North Haven"

May 31, 2017

Book Notes - Paul Youngquist "A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism"

Book Notes - Stephanie Powell Watts "No One Is Coming to Save Us"

May 30, 2017

Book Notes - Courtney Maum "Touch"

Book Notes - Val Emmich "The Reminders"

May 26, 2017

Book Notes - Michael Seidlinger "Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves"

May 25, 2017

Book Notes - Brian Jabas Smith "Spent Saints"

May 24, 2017

Book Notes - Emma Smith-Stevens "The Australian"

May 23, 2017

Book Notes - Lizzy Goodman "Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011"

May 22, 2017

Book Notes - Susan Rieger "The Heirs"

Book Notes - Selena Chambers "Calls for Submission"

May 18, 2017

Book Notes - Jessie Chaffee "Florence in Ecstasy"

May 17, 2017

Book Notes - Tommy Pico "Nature Poem"

May 16, 2017

Book Notes - Andrew Roe "Where You Live"

Book Notes - Peter Gajdics "The Inheritance of Shame"

May 15, 2017

Book Notes - B.G. Firmani "Time's a Thief"

Book Notes - Paula Cocozza "How to Be Human"

May 12, 2017

Book Notes - Leyna Krow "I'm Fine, But You Appear to Be Sinking"

May 11, 2017

Book Notes - Robert Repino "D'Arc"

May 10, 2017

Book Notes - Jaime Clarke "F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby"

May 9, 2017

Book Notes - Barbara Browning "The Gift"

Book Notes - Jessie Janeshek "The Shaky Phase"

May 8, 2017

Book Notes - Rakesh Satyal "No One Can Pronounce My Name"

Book Notes - Elanor Dymott "Silver and Salt"

May 5, 2017

Book Notes - Francesca Segal "The Awkward Age"

May 4, 2017

Book Notes - Zoey Leigh Peterson "Next Year, for Sure"

May 3, 2017

Book Notes - Fred Marchant "Said Not Said"

May 2, 2017

Book Notes - Hala Alyan "Salt Houses"

Book Notes - Phil Marcade "Punk Avenue: Inside the New York City Underground, 1972-1982"

May 1, 2017

Book Notes - Henry Hoke "Genevieves"

April 28, 2017

Book Notes - Joel Whitney "Finks"

April 27, 2017

Book Notes - Edie Meidav "Kingdom of the Young"

April 26, 2017

Book Notes - Rob Sheffield "Dreaming the Beatles"

April 25, 2017

Book Notes - Taylor Larsen "Stranger, Father, Beloved"

April 24, 2017

Book Notes - Kristen Radtke "Imagine Wanting Only This"

April 20, 2017

Book Notes - Anne Elizabeth Moore "Body Horror"

April 19, 2017

Book Notes - Emma Richler "Be My Wolff"

April 18, 2017

Book Notes - Lidia Yuknavitch "The Book of Joan"

Book Notes - Sara Baume "A Line Made by Walking"

April 17, 2017

Book Notes - Abigail Ulman "Hot Little Hands"

Book Notes - Janet Sarbanes "The Protester Has Been Released"

April 13, 2017

Book Notes - Olivia Sudjic "Sympathy"

April 12, 2017

Book Notes - David Joy "The Weight of This World"

April 11, 2017

Book Notes - Max Winter "Exes"

Book Notes - Alex Segura "Dangerous Ends"

April 10, 2017

Book Notes - William Walsh "Forty-four American Boys"

Book Notes - Andrew Bourelle "Heavy Metal"

April 7, 2017

Book Notes - Kelly Jensen "Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World"

April 6, 2017

Book Notes - Kurt Baumeister "Pax Americana"

April 5, 2017

Book Notes - Bethany Ball "What To Do About The Solomons"

April 4, 2017

Book Notes - Laura McNeal "The Practice House"

April 3, 2017

Book Notes - Lance Olsen "Dreamlives of Debris"

Book Notes - Carol Zoref "Barren Island"

March 31, 2017

Book Notes - David Ebenbach "The Guy We Didn't Invite to the Orgy"

March 30, 2017

Book Notes - Jonathan Reiss "Getting Off"

March 29, 2017

Book Notes - Deb Olin Unferth "Wait Till You See Me Dance"

March 28, 2017

Book Notes - Hannah Lillith Assadi "Sonora"

March 27, 2017

Book Notes - Patty Yumi Cottrell "Sorry to Disrupt the Peace"

Book Notes - Daniel Jose Ruiz "Coconut Versus"

March 20, 2017

Book Notes - Phillip Lewis "The Barrowfields"

March 17, 2017

Book Notes - Harold Abramowitz "Blind Spot"

March 16, 2017

Book Notes - Felicia C. Sullivan "Follow Me into the Dark"

March 15, 2017

Book Notes - Meg Howrey "The Wanderers"

March 14, 2017

Book Notes - Can Xue "Frontier"

Book Notes - Susan Perabo "The Fall of Lisa Bellow"

March 8, 2017

Book Notes - Paul La Farge "The Night Ocean"

March 7, 2017

Book Notes - Dan Chaon "Ill Will"

Book Notes - Ryan Ruby "The Zero and the One"

March 6, 2017

Book Notes - Rahul Mehta "No Other World"

Book Notes - Joseph Scapellato "Big Lonesome"

March 3, 2017

Book Notes - Bill Hayes "Insomniac City"

March 2, 2017

Book Notes - Deborah Willis "The Dark and Other Love Stories"

March 1, 2017

Book Notes - Rowan Hisayo Buchanan "Harmless Like You"

February 28, 2017

Book Notes - Eleni Sikelianos "Make Yourself Happy"

February 27, 2017

Book Notes - Elena Passarello "Animals Strike Curious Poses"

Book Notes - Susan Defreitas "Hot Season"

February 23, 2017

Book Notes - Kris D'Agostino "The Antiques"

February 22, 2017

Book Notes - Jaimee Wriston Colbert "Wild Things"

February 21, 2017

Book Notes - Cara Hoffman "Running"

Book Notes - Shannon Leone Fowler "Traveling with Ghosts"

February 17, 2017

Book Notes - Bren McClain "One Good Mama Bone"

February 16, 2017

Book Notes - Rachel Aspden "Generation Revolution: On the Front Line Between Tradition and Change in the Middle East"

February 15, 2017

Book Notes - Raoul Martinez "Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth, the Illusion of Consent, and the Fight for Our Future"

February 14, 2017

Book Notes - Shanthi Sekaran "Lucky Boy"

Book Notes - David A. Ensminger "Out of the Basement: From Cheap Trick to DIY Punk in Rockford, IL, 1973-2005"

February 13, 2017

Book Notes - Sari Wilson "Girl Through Glass"

Book Notes - Albert Goldbarth "The Adventures of Form and Content"

February 10, 2017

Book Notes - Scott Crawford "Spoke: Images and Stories from the 1980s Washington, DC Punk Scene"

February 9, 2017

Book Notes - James Rhodes "Instrumental"

Book Notes - Tom McAllister "The Young Widower's Handbook"

February 7, 2017

Book Notes - Laird Hunt "The Evening Road"

Book Notes - Heather O'Neill "The Lonely Hearts Hotel"

February 6, 2017

Book Notes - Kelcey Parker Ervick "The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova"

February 3, 2017

Book Notes - Lydia Peelle "The Midnight Cool"

February 2, 2017

Book Notes - Mary Miller "Always Happy Hour"

February 1, 2017

Book Notes - Steve Himmer "Scratch"

January 31, 2017

Book Notes - Mike Scalise "The Brand New Catastrophe"

January 30, 2017

Book Notes - Ann-Margaret Lim "Kingston Buttercup"

Book Notes - Ken Pisani "Amp'd"

January 26, 2017

Book Notes - Richard Mason "History of a Pleasure Seeker" & "Who Killed Piet Barol?"

January 25, 2017

Book Notes - Andrew Krivak "The Signal Flame"

January 24, 2017

Book Notes - Josh Barkan "Mexico"

Book Notes - Steph Post "Lightwood"

January 20, 2017

Book Notes - Henry Hoke "The Book of Endless Sleepovers"

January 19, 2017

Book Notes - Adelia Saunders "Indelible"

Book Notes - Jim Walsh "Bar Yarns and Manic-Depressive Mixtapes"

January 18, 2017

Book Notes - Jordan A. Rothacker "And Wind Will Wash Away"

January 17, 2017

Book Notes - Kathleen Rooney "Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk"

Book Notes - Jamie Metzl "Eternal Sonata"

January 13, 2017

Book Notes - Joe Halstead "West Virginia"

Book Notes - Laurie Blauner "The Solace of Monsters"

January 11, 2017

Book Notes - Joshua Mohr "Sirens"

January 10, 2017

Book Notes - Madeleine Thien "Do Not Say We Have Nothing"

Book Notes - Woody Woodmansey "Spider from Mars: My Life with Bowie"

January 9, 2017

Book Notes - "Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City's Forgotten Waterfront"

January 3, 2017

Book Notes - Benjamin Percy "Thrill Me"

December 13, 2016

Book Notes - Kathy Page "The Two of Us"

Book Notes - Sassafras Lowrey "A Little Queermas Carol"

December 2, 2016

Book Notes - Meredith Alling "Sing the Song"

December 1, 2016

Book Notes - Kevin Smokler "Brat Pack America"

November 30, 2016

Book Notes - Marcy Dermansky "The Red Car"

November 29, 2016

Book Notes - Jason Diamond "Searching for John Hughes"

November 22, 2016

Book Notes - Eduardo Rabasa "A Zero-Sum Game"

November 17, 2016

Book Notes - Odie Lindsey "We Come to Our Senses"

November 15, 2016

Book Notes - MB Caschetta "Pretend I'm Your Friend"

Book Notes - Sam Allingham "The Great American Songbook"

November 14, 2016

Book Notes - Derek Palacio "The Mortifications"

Book Notes - Joanna C. Valente "Marys of the Sea"

November 9, 2016

Book Notes - Tobias Carroll "Reel"

November 7, 2016

Book Notes - Rob Cowen "Common Ground"

November 4, 2016

Book Notes - Laurie Stone "My Life as an Animal"

November 2, 2016

Book Notes - J. Bradley "The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective"

November 1, 2016

Book Notes - Rich Ferguson "New Jersey Me"

October 31, 2016

Book Notes - Patrick Hoffman "Every Man a Menace"

October 28, 2016

Book Notes - David Lida "One Life"

October 27, 2016

Book Notes - Elisa Gabbert "L'Heure Bleue, or the Judy Poems"

October 25, 2016

Book Notes - Rabih Alameddine "The Angel of History"

Book Notes - Clare Beams "We Show What We Have Learned"

October 24, 2016

Book Notes - Courtney Elizabeth Mauk "The Special Power of Restoring Lost Things"

Book Notes - Amy Kurzweil "Flying Couch"

October 21, 2016

Book Notes - Mary Cappello "Life Breaks In"

October 19, 2016

Book Notes - Jane Alison "Nine Island"

Book Notes - Stephanie Gangi "The Next"

October 18, 2016

Book Notes - Belle Boggs "The Art of Waiting"

Book Notes - Diana Wagman "Extraordinary October"

October 17, 2016

Book Notes - Anne Raeff "The Jungle Around Us"

October 14, 2016

Book Notes - Kait Heacock "Siblings and Other Disappointments"

October 13, 2016

Book Notes - Melissa Yancy "Dog Years"

October 12, 2016

Book Notes - Liza Monroy "Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon to be on Fire"

October 11, 2016

Book Notes - Randa Jarrar "Him, Me, Muhammad Ali"

October 10, 2016

Book Notes - Chloe Caldwell "I'll Tell You in Person"

October 7, 2016

Book Notes - Caroline Leavitt "Cruel Beautiful World"

September 27, 2016

Book Notes - Ben Katchor "Cheap Novelties"

Book Notes - Steve Toutonghi "Join"

September 26, 2016

Book Notes - Christine Sneed "The Virginity of Famous Men"

September 24, 2016

Book Notes - Tobias Carroll "Transitory"

September 22, 2016

Book Notes - Kathleen Rooney "René Magritte: Selected Writings"

September 20, 2016

Book Notes - Brendan Kiely "The Last True Love Story"

Book Notes - Ishion Hutchinson "House of Lords and Commons"

September 19, 2016

Book Notes - James Boice "The Shooting"

Book Notes - William Luvaas "Beneath the Coyote Hills"

September 16, 2016

Book Notes - Laia Jufresa "Umami"

September 15, 2016

Book Notes - Melanie Finn "The Gloaming"

September 14, 2016

Book Notes - Gina Frangello "Every Kind of Wanting"

September 13, 2016

Book Notes - Michelle Tea "Black Wave"

Book Notes - Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes "The Sleeping World"

September 9, 2016

Book Notes - Neil Steinberg "Out of the Wreck I Rise"

September 7, 2016

Book Notes - Affinity Konar "Mischling"

Book Notes - Alexander Boldizar "The Ugly"

September 6, 2016

Book Notes - Peter Ho Davies "The Fortunes"

Book Notes - Kendra DeColo "My Dinner with Ron Jeremy"

September 1, 2016

Book Notes - Hannah Gersen "Home Field"

August 31, 2016

Book Notes - Tama Janowitz "Scream"

Book Notes - "Mississippi Noir"

August 30, 2016

Book Notes - Kirstin Allio "Clothed, Female Figure"

Book Notes - Brin-Jonathan Butler "The Domino Diaries"

August 29, 2016

Book Notes - Michael J. Seidlinger "Falter Kingdom"

Book Notes - Jessica Anya Blau "The Trouble with Lexie"

August 26, 2016

Book Notes - Ben Tanzer "Be Cool"

August 25, 2016

Book Notes - Gonzalo Torné "Divorce Is in the Air"

August 24, 2016

Book Notes - Nina Stibbe "Paradise Lodge"

Book Notes - Louisa Ermelino "Malafemmena"

August 23, 2016

Book Notes - Imbolo Mbue "Behold the Dreamers"

Book Notes - Ryan Berg "No House to Call My Home"

August 22, 2016

Book Notes - Jennifer Keishin Armstrong "Seinfeldia"

Book Notes - Joe Milazzo "Crepuscule W/Nellie"

August 19, 2016

Book Notes - Anne Korkeakivi "Shining Sea"

Book Notes - Patrick Ryan "The Dream Life of Astronauts"

August 17, 2016

Book Notes - Jen Michalski "The Summer She Was Under Water"

August 16, 2016

Book Notes - Forrest Leo "The Gentleman"

Book Notes - Angela Palm "Riverine"

August 15, 2016

Book Notes - Teju Cole "Known and Strange Things"

Book Notes - Rion Amilcar Scott "Insurrections"

August 12, 2016

Book Notes - Keegan Jennings Goodman "The Tennessee Highway Death Chant"

Book Notes - R.J. Fox "Love & Vodka"

August 11, 2016

Book Notes - Magnus Mills "The Field of the Cloth of Gold"

August 10, 2016

Book Notes - Annie DeWitt "White Nights in Split Town City"

August 9, 2016

Book Notes - Scott Stambach "The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko"

Book Notes - Laura McHugh "Arrowood"

August 8, 2016

Book Notes - Brad Watson "Miss Jane"

Book Notes - Rae Meadows "I Will Send Rain"

August 5, 2016

Book Notes - Tim Murphy "Christodora"

August 4, 2016

Book Notes - Robin MacArthur "Half Wild"

August 3, 2016

Book Notes - Ali Shaw "The Trees"

Book Notes - David Rivard "Standoff"

August 2, 2016

Book Notes - Roy Scranton "War Porn"

Book Notes - Franz Nicolay "The Humorless Ladies of Border Control"

August 1, 2016

Book Notes - Kodi Scheer "Midair"

Book Notes - Ben Greenman "Emotional Rescue"

July 29, 2016

Book Notes - Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan "Sarong Party Girls"

July 27, 2016

Book Notes - Kelly Schirmann "Popular Music"

Book Notes - Gina Ochsner "The Hidden Letters of Velta B."

July 21, 2016

Book Notes - Martin Seay "The Mirror Thief"

July 20, 2016

Book Notes - Matthew Cheney "Blood"

July 19, 2016

Book Notes - Jenni Fagan "The Sunlight Pilgrims"

Book Notes - Maggie O'Farrell "This Must Be the Place"

July 18, 2016

Book Notes - Josh Fomon "Though We Bled Meticulously"

July 14, 2016

Book Notes - Jennifer Spiegel and Paul Fuhr "Dead Inside"

July 13, 2016

Book Notes - Michael Homolka "Antiquity"

July 12, 2016

Book Notes - Maryse Meijer "Heartbreaker"

Book Notes - Caroline Angell "All the Time in the World"

July 11, 2016

Book Notes - John Domini "Movieola!"

Book Notes - Tara Altebrando "The Leaving"

July 8, 2016

Book Notes - Rikki Ducornet "Brightfellow"

Book Notes - Christopher Hebert "Angels of Detroit"

July 6, 2016

Book Notes - Christopher Bram "The Art of History"

July 5, 2016

Book Notes - Jade Sharma "Problems"

Book Notes - Hannah Pittard "Listen to Me"

July 1, 2016

Book Notes - Daniel Nester "Shader"

June 30, 2016

Book Notes - Ramona Ausubel "Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty"

June 29, 2016

Book Notes - Jeremy P. Bushnell "The Insides"

Book Notes - Anthony Michael Morena "The Voyager Record"

June 28, 2016

Book Notes - Alice Adams "Invincible Summer"

Book Notes - Deborah Shapiro "The Sun in Your Eyes"

June 27, 2016

Book Notes - Robert H. Patton "Cajun Waltz"

Book Notes - Richard Hawley "The Three Lives Of Jonathan Force"

June 23, 2016

Book Notes - Drew Nellins Smith "Arcade"

June 22, 2016

Book Notes - Robin Black "Crash Course"

Book Notes - Monica Drake "The Folly of Loving Life"

June 21, 2016

Book Notes - Flynn Berry "Under the Harrow"

Book Notes - Matthew Norman "We're All Damaged"

June 20, 2016

Book Notes - Anna Noyes "Goodnight, Beautiful Women"

June 17, 2016

Book Notes - Ellen Wayland-Smith "Oneida: From Free Love Utopia to the Well-Set Table"

June 16, 2016

Book Notes - Lisa Moore "Flannery"

June 15, 2016

Book Notes - Karl Jacoby "The Strange Career of William Ellis"

June 14, 2016

Book Notes - Frederick Reuss "Maisie at 8000 Feet"

Book Notes - Dave Hill "Dave Hill Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

June 13, 2016

Book Notes - Mark Binelli "Screamin' Jay Hawkins' All-Time Greatest Hits"

Book Notes - Dave Fromm "The Duration"

June 10, 2016

Book Notes - Laura Ellen Scott "The Juliet"

June 9, 2016

Book Notes - Troy James Weaver "Marigold"

June 8, 2016

Book Notes - Chris McCormick "Desert Boys"

Book Notes - Michael Landweber "Thursday, 1:17 p.m."

June 7, 2016

Book Notes - Alexis M. Smith "Marrow Island"

Book Notes - Daniel Saldaña París "Among Strange Victims"

June 6, 2016

Book Notes - Max Porter "Grief Is the Thing with Feathers"

Book Notes - Katie Chase "Man & Wife"

June 3, 2016

Book Notes - Garrard Conley "Boy Erased"

June 2, 2016

Book Notes - Jean Thompson "She Poured Out Her Heart"

June 1, 2016

Book Notes - Juliet Escoria "Witch Hunt"

Book Notes - Gretchen Marquette "May Day"

May 31, 2016

Book Notes - Claudia Casper "The Mercy Journals"

Book Notes - Nick Seeley "Cambodia Noir"

May 27, 2016

Book Notes - Hirsh Sawhney "South Haven"

May 26, 2016

Book Notes - Juan Gómez Bárcena "The Sky Over Lima"

May 25, 2016

Book Notes - Jensen Beach "Swallowed by the Cold"

Book Notes - Sean Carswell "The Metaphysical Ukulele"

May 24, 2016

Book Notes - Manuel Gonzales "The Regional Office is Under Attack!"

Book Notes - Lindsay Tigue "System of Ghosts"

May 23, 2016

Book Notes - Melissa Broder "So Sad Today"

Book Notes - Jillian Keenan "Sex with Shakespeare"

Book Notes - Scott Esposito "The Surrender"

May 20, 2016

Movie Notes - Nicholas Rombes "The Removals"

May 19, 2016

Book Notes - Buzz Poole "Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead"

May 18, 2016

Book Notes - Lauren Belfer "And After the Fire"

Book Notes - Matthew Binder "High in the Streets"

May 17, 2016

Book Notes - Robin Wasserman "Girls on Fire"

Book Notes - Angela Woodward "Natural Wonders"

May 16, 2016

Book Notes - Laura Barnett "The Versions of Us"

Book Notes - Paula Whyman "You May See a Stranger"

May 13, 2016

Book Notes - M. Thomas Gammarino "King of the Worlds"

May 12, 2016

Book Notes - Camille Perri "The Assistants"

May 11, 2016

Book Notes - Matthew Neill Null "Allegheny Front"

Book Notes - Michelle Latiolais "She"

May 10, 2016

Book Notes - Lynn Steger Strong "Hold Still"

Book Notes - "Watchlist"

May 9, 2016

Book Notes - Benjamin Wood "The Ecliptic"

Book Notes - Linda Kass "Tasa's Song"

May 6, 2016

Book Notes - Geoff Dyer "White Sands"

May 5, 2016

Book Notes - Dylan Hicks "Amateurs"

May 4, 2016

Book Notes - Raja Alem "The Dove's Necklace"

Book Notes - Amanda Nadelberg "Songs from a Mountain"

May 3, 2016

Book Notes - Patricia Engel "The Veins of the Ocean"

Book Notes - Anna Smaill "The Chimes"

Book Notes - Alyson Foster "Heart Attack Watch"

May 2, 2016

Book Notes - Lydia Millet "Sweet Lamb of Heaven"

Book Notes - Amy Parker "Beasts and Children"

April 29, 2016

Book Notes - Molly Prentiss "Tuesday Nights in 1980"

April 28, 2016

Book Notes - Colleen M. Story "Loreena's Gift"

April 27, 2016

Book Notes - Brian Blanchfield "Proxies"

April 26, 2016

Book Notes - Shawn Vestal "Daredevils"

Book Notes - Nick Soulsby "Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters"

April 25, 2016

Book Notes - Justin Tussing "Vexation Lullaby"

Book Notes - Christine Reilly "Sunday's on the Phone to Monday"

April 22, 2016

Book Notes - Domnica Radulescu "Country of Red Azaleas"

April 21, 2016

Book Notes - Jeff Zentner "The Serpent King"

April 20, 2016

Book Notes - Dominic Smith "The Last Painting of Sara de Vos"

Book Notes - Alex Segura "Down the Darkest Street"

April 19, 2016

Book Notes - Jonathan Levi "Septimania"

Book Notes - Curtis Smith "Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five: Bookmarked"

April 18, 2016

Book Notes - Michelle de Kretser "Springtime"

April 15, 2016

Book Notes - Melissa Ginsburg "Sunset City"

April 14, 2016

Book Notes - Greg Vandy "26 Songs in 30 Days: Woody Guthrie's Columbia River Songs and the Planned Promised Land in the Pacific Northwest"

April 13, 2016

Book Notes - Leah Umansky "Straight Away the Emptied World"

April 12, 2016

Book Notes - Joni Murphy "Double Teenage"

Book Notes - Amelia Martens "The Spoons in the Grass Are There to Dig a Moat"

April 11, 2016

Book Notes - Augusten Burroughs "Lust & Wonder"

Book Notes - Virginia Reeves "Work Like Any Other"

April 8, 2016

Book Notes - Jordan Zandi "Solarium"

April 7, 2016

Book Notes - Charles Bock "Alice & Oliver"

April 6, 2016

Book Notes - Stephen O'Connor "Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings"

April 5, 2016

Book Notes - David Unger "The Mastermind"

Book Notes - Mark Beaver "Suburban Gospel"

April 4, 2016

Book Notes - Cote Smith "Hurt People"

Book Notes - Barney Hoskyns "Small Town Talk: Bob Dylan, The Band, Van Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Friends in the Wild Years of Woodstock"

March 31, 2016

Book Notes - Rob Spillman "All Tomorrow's Parties"

March 30, 2016

Book Notes - Chris Bachelder and Matt Weiland "The Throwback Special"

Book Notes - Mona Awad "13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl"

March 29, 2016

Book Notes - Kelly Kerney "Hard Red Spring"

March 28, 2016

Book Notes - Mark de Silva "Square Wave"

Book Notes - Ashley Warlick "The Arrangement"

March 25, 2016

Book Notes - John Koethe "The Swimmer"

March 24, 2016

Book Notes - Matt Gallagher "Youngblood"

March 23, 2016

Book Notes - Jack Pendarvis "Movie Stars"

March 22, 2016

Book Notes - Githa Hariharan "Almost Home"

Book Notes - Tash Aw "The Face: Strangers on a Pier"

March 21, 2016

Book Notes - John Jodzio "Knockout"

Book Notes - Andrew F. Sullivan "Waste"

March 18, 2016

Book Notes - Hannah Tennant-Moore "Wreck and Order"

March 17, 2016

Book Notes - Carlos Velázquez "The Cowboy Bible"

March 16, 2016

Book Notes - Jane Mendelsohn "Burning Down the House"

Book Notes - Andromeda Romano-Lax "Behave"

March 15, 2016

Book Notes - Danielle Dutton "Margaret the First"

Book Notes - John D'Agata "The Making of the American Essay"

March 14, 2016

Book Notes - David Hopson "All the Lasting Things"

Book Notes - Joe Wilkins "When We Were Birds"

March 11, 2016

Book Notes - Mark L. Tompkins "The Last Days of Magic"

March 10, 2016

Book Notes - Garfield Ellis "The Angels' Share"

March 9, 2016

Book Notes - Suzanne Berne "The Dogs of Littlefield"

Book Notes - "Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose"

March 8, 2016

Book Notes - Sara Baume "Spill Simmer Falter Wither"

Book Notes - Jonathan Lee "High Dive"

March 7, 2016

Book Notes - Andy Mozina "Contrary Motion"

Book Notes - Nathan Larson "Stockholm Noir"

March 4, 2016

Book Notes - Sean Beaudoin "Welcome Thieves"

March 3, 2016

Book Notes - A. Igoni Barrett "Blackass"

March 2, 2016

Book Notes - Beth Hahn "The Singing Bone"

March 1, 2016

Book Notes - Michelle Hoover "Bottomland"

Book Notes - Julie Smith "New Orleans Noir: The Classics"

February 29, 2016

Book Notes - Álvaro Enrigue "Sudden Death"

Book Notes - Taylor Brown "Fallen Land"

February 26, 2016

Book Notes - Belinda McKeon "Tender"

Book Notes - Gregory Howard "Hospice"

February 25, 2016

Book Notes - Keith Lee Morris "Travelers Rest"

February 24, 2016

Book Notes - J. J. Anselmi "Heavy"

February 23, 2016

Book Notes - Shawna Yang Ryan "Green Island"

Book Notes - Ian Brennan "How Music Dies (or Lives)"

February 22, 2016

Book Notes - Idra Novey "Ways to Disappear"

February 19, 2016

Book Notes - Mo Daviau "Every Anxious Wave"

February 18, 2016

Book Notes - Patrick Dacey "We've Already Gone This Far"

February 17, 2016

Book Notes - Matthew Griffin "Hide"

February 16, 2016

Book Notes - Kristopher Jansma "Why We Came to the City"

Book Notes - Matt Rodbard "Koreatown"

February 15, 2016

Book Notes - Terese Svoboda "Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet"

Book Notes - Kevin Hardcastle "Debris"

February 12, 2016

Book Notes - Kathy Page "Frankie Styne and the Silver Man"

February 11, 2016

Book Notes - Jarett Kobek "I Hate the Internet"

February 10, 2016

Book Notes - Tony Tulathimutte "Private Citizens"

February 9, 2016

Book Notes - Amy Gustine "You Should Pity Us Instead"

Book Notes - Rob Roberge "Liar"

February 8, 2016

Book Notes - Paul Goldberg "The Yid"

Book Notes - Ada Calhoun "St. Marks Is Dead"

February 5, 2016

Book Notes - Kathleen Spivack "Unspeakable Things"

February 4, 2016

Book Notes - B.J. Hollars "This Is Only a Test"

February 3, 2016

Book Notes - Paula Bohince "Swallows and Waves"

February 2, 2016

Book Notes - Paul Lisicky "The Narrow Door"

Book Notes - Richard Fifield "The Flood Girls"

February 1, 2016

Book Notes - Ryan Gattis "All Involved"

Book Notes - Genanne Walsh "Twister"

January 29, 2016

Book Notes - Aaron Gilbreath "This Is: Essays on Jazz"

January 28, 2016

Book Notes - Ed Tarkington "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"

January 27, 2016

Book Notes - Rachel Cantor "Good on Paper"

Book Notes - Amber Sparks "The Unfinished World"

January 26, 2016

Book Notes - Diane Williams "Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine"

Book Notes - W.B. Belcher "Lay Down Your Weary Tune"

January 25, 2016

Book Notes - Jeff Wood "The Glacier"

January 22, 2016

Book Notes - Bud Smith "F 250"

January 21, 2016

Book Notes - Stuart Evers "Your Father Sends His Love"

January 20, 2016

Book Notes - Garth Greenwell "What Belongs to You"

Book Notes - Berit Ellingsen "Not Dark Yet"

January 19, 2016

Book Notes - Elizabeth Mckenzie "The Portable Veblen"

Book Notes - Troy James Weaver "Witchita Stories"

January 14, 2016

Book Notes - Omar Musa "Here Come the Dogs"

Book Notes - Jón Gnarr "The Pirate"

January 12, 2016

Book Notes - Mira Ptacin "Poor Your Soul"

January 11, 2016

Book Notes - John Samuel "What I Tell You In the Dark"

January 6, 2016

Book Notes - Samantha Hunt "Mr. Splitfoot"

January 5, 2016

Book Notes - Christopher Castellani "The Art of Perspective"

January 4, 2016

Book Notes - Deanna Fei "Girl in Glass"

December 18, 2015

Book Notes - John McManus "Fox Tooth Heart"

December 16, 2015

Book Notes - Noy Holland "Bird"

December 15, 2015

Book Notes - Tom Piazza "A Free State"

December 9, 2015

Book Notes - Marc Weingarten "Thirsty"

December 8, 2015

Book Notes - Leena Krohn "Collected Fiction"

December 3, 2015

Book Notes - Kathy Flann "Get a Grip"

December 2, 2015

Book Notes - Molly Crabapple "Drawing Blood"

December 1, 2015

Book Notes - Dana Chamblee Carpenter "Bohemian Gospel"

November 30, 2015

Book Notes - Audrey Niffenegger "Ghostly"

Book Notes - Russell Quinn "The Pickle Index"

November 24, 2015

Book Notes - Ryan Britt "Luke Skywalker Can't Read"

November 23, 2015

Book Notes - Jillian Cantor "The Hours Count"

Book Notes - James Tate Hill "Academy Gothic"

November 20, 2015

Book Notes - Jennifer Miller "The Heart You Carry Home"

November 19, 2015

Book Notes - Joseph Skibell "My Father's Guitar and Other Imaginary Things"

November 18, 2015

Book Notes - Chrissy Kolaya "Charmed Particles"

November 17, 2015

Book Notes - Margaret Malone "People Like You"

November 16, 2015

Book Notes - Matthew Gavin Frank "The Mad Feast"

Book Notes - Summer Brennan "The Oyster War"

November 13, 2015

Book Notes - Dave Reidy "The Voiceover Artist"

November 12, 2015

Book Notes - Toni Sala "The Boys"

November 11, 2015

Book Notes - George Singleton "Calloustown"

November 10, 2015

Book Notes - Scott Nadelson "Between You and Me"

Book Notes - Tod Davies "The Lizard Princess"

November 9, 2015

Book Notes - Selah Saterstrom "Slab"

Book Notes - Marcela Sulak and Jacqueline Kolosov "Family Resemblance: An Anthology and Exploration of 8 Hybrid Literary Genres"

November 6, 2015

Book Notes - Freda Love Smith "Red Velvet Underground"

November 5, 2015

Book Notes - Andrew DeGraff "Plotted: A Literary Atlas"

November 4, 2015

Book Notes - Steve Knopper "MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson"

November 3, 2015

Book Notes - Bruce Bauman "Broken Sleep"

November 2, 2015

Book Notes - Sloane Crosley "The Clasp"

Book Notes - Marcus O'Dair "Different Every Time: The Authorized Biography of Robert Wyatt"

October 30, 2015

Book Notes - Laurie Foos "The Blue Girl"

October 29, 2015

Book Notes - William Rook "Equinox Society"

October 28, 2015

Book Notes - Kate Gavino "Last Night's Reading"

October 27, 2015

Book Notes - Jessa Crispin "The Dead Ladies Project"

October 26, 2015

Book Notes - Nikesh Shukla "Meatspace"

Book Notes - Matthew Vollmer "Gateway to Paradise"

October 23, 2015

Book Notes - Aidan Levy "Dirty Blvd.: The Life and Music of Lou Reed"

October 22, 2015

Book Notes - David Winner "Tyler's Last"

October 21, 2015

Book Notes - Vanessa Blakeslee "Juventud"

Book Notes - Barry Moser "We Were Brothers"

October 20, 2015

Book Notes - Yvonne Prinz "If You're Lucky"

October 19, 2015

Book Notes - Richard Grant "Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta"

Book Notes - Michael Ruhlman "In Short Measures"

October 16, 2015

Book Notes - Garth Risk Hallberg "City on Fire"

October 15, 2015

Book Notes - Michael J. Seidlinger "The Strangest"

October 14, 2015

Book Notes - Gavin McCrea "Mrs. Engels"

October 13, 2015

Book Notes - David Hinton "I Ching"

Book Notes - Alex Flynn "The Misshapes: Annihilation Day"

October 12, 2015

Book Notes - Lincoln Michel "Upright Beasts"

Book Notes - Scott Blackwood "See How Small"

October 9, 2015

Book Notes - Anthony Marra "The Tsar of Love and Techno"

Book Notes - Patrick Wensink "Fake Fruit Factory"

October 8, 2015

Book Notes - Bonnie Jo Campbell "Mothers, Tell Your Daughters"

October 7, 2015

Book Notes - Diane Cook "Man V. Nature"

October 6, 2015

Book Notes - Zachary Thomas Dodson "Bats of the Republic"

October 5, 2015

Book Notes - Lori Ostlund "After the Parade"

October 2, 2015

Book Notes - David Menconi "Comin' Right at Ya"

October 1, 2015

Book Notes - Debra Monroe "My Unsentimental Education"

September 30, 2015

Book Notes - Lenore Myka "King of the Gypsies"

September 29, 2015

Book Notes - William Boyd "Sweet Caress"

September 28, 2015

Book Notes - Matt Bell "Scrapper"

Book Notes - Nina de Gramont "The Last September"

September 25, 2015

Book Notes - Samuel Sattin "The Silent End"

Book Notes - Mairead Case "See You In the Morning"

September 24, 2015

Book Notes - Joshua Clover, Jasper Bernes, and Juliana Spahr (Commune Editions)

September 23, 2015

Book Notes - Andrew Malan Milward "I Was a Revolutionary"

September 22, 2015

Book Notes - Daniel Makagon "Underground: The Subterranean Culture of Punk House Shows"

September 21, 2015

Book Notes - Carmiel Banasky "The Suicide of Claire Bishop"

Book Notes - Elise Blackwell "The Lower Quarter"

September 18, 2015

Book Notes - Steve Toltz "Quicksand"

September 16, 2015

Book Notes - H. S. Cross "Wilberforce"