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May 2, 2002

Wabbits Wabbits And More Wabbits

Our garden is doing well, except for our transplanted seedlings, which became early breakfast for a band of hungry rabbits. I don't mind sharing with the wildlife, but the varmints topped off every tomato and cucumber seedling I put out, and my seedlings looked great this year... Any advice from seasoned gardeners?

Other rabbit news: in a small community about twenty miles south of us is a restaurant that specializes in rabbit dishes. Appropriately named "The Hutch", they grow their own bunnies, and the decor is plush (pun intended) with stuffed rabbits, photos of hares and plenty of Bugs Bunny regalia. I ate there once a couple of years ago, and had a salad (I didn't want to eat the Easter/Bugs bunny).

Rabbit songs currently running through my head: Mr. Rabbit by Paul Westerberg, Little Bunny Foo Foo by The Moldy Peaches

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