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July 16, 2002

Solo Asylum

Dave Pirner, former frontman for Soul Asylum, has released a solo album and announced a tour. I was a fan of SA in the 80's, seeing them as a more talented Aerosmith, rockers who wrote good somewhat intelligent music and performed enthusiastically live. I'm looking forward to hearing the album.

Once, when I was living in Minneapolis in late 1994, I was sitting at the 400 Bar, contemplating ordering their mulled cider. A stranger next to me advised me, "Don't get the cider, trust me." I looked around, and giving me advice was "Winona Ryder, with Dave P. sitting next to her. (To this day I'm thankful she didn't tell me to jump off the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, her eyes were intoxicating and hypnotizing). At the time, I had been listening to Liz Phair's Whipsmart CD incessantly, so my inebriated housemate Jen started singing (and I joined in) Liz's lyric from "Go West, Young Man":

"And I'm waiting for someone in the know
Like Pirner tells me on the radio
Says take it from someone who's been there before
You go west, young man"

They smiled and looked quizzically at us, then moved further down the bar (away from the tipsy couple singing to them).

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