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July 21, 2002

Weekend Fun

This weekend is too short... We spent all day yesterday visiting my sister and three year-old niece, both visiting from Mississippi. Either I'm getting older or kids are getting more playful, because when we got home last night I was ready for bed hours earlier than usual. At different times yesterday I was: a horse, a dog, Prince Charming, a human trampoline, a fellow singer, half of a piano duet, a human catapault and a basketball goal. Luckily we'll get to see them (and my brother-in-law) tomorrow morning early before they head west towards home.

Today found us working in the garden and fixing my computer. Actually, I was just adding a hard drive, but the replacement drive IBM sent me a couple of months ago is DOA. I know I should have checked it when it arrived, but I rarely shut down my PC (I run my radio station from it 24/7 and Windows XP has been surprisingly stable); now I'll just return the drive and eBay the replacement, swearing off IBM drives for a while. It's funny how minor adjustments to a PC will become time magnets, I put the cover on and swore it'll stay closed up for a long, long time. Given that I do most of my computing on my laptop, that should be easy.

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