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November 13, 2002

Used To Be A Sweet Boy (And Still Is)

Drowned In Sound attends a Morrissey show and discovers why Morrissey still matters:

Simply put: Morrissey matters. Hip, young rock acts can make as much noise as they like, they can smash up as many hotel rooms as they like, they can throw as many studied ‘rock-rebel’ shapes as they like, but the reason why Morrissey still walks among them is that they haven’t replaced him. No-one has managed to fill that awkward, ridiculous shaped hole where we need a Morrissey. And every generation needs a Morrissey - even if they don’t get one - a genuine outsider, untroubled by passing fashions, forever on the outer-edges, throwing stones from the borders and, unlike [name of YOUR FAVOURITE BAND here] never, ever willing to compromise.

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