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March 5, 2003

Expecting Brainchild

The tracklisting for the new Guided By Voices album (release date: August 19th), Model Prisoner In The Five Senses Realm has been released:

1. My Son, My Secretary, My Country
2. I'll Replace You With Machines
3. She Goes Off At Night
4. Beat Your Wings
5. Useless Inventions
6. Dirty Water
7. The Best of Jill Hives
8. Dead Cloud
9. Mix Up The Satellites
10. Main Street Wizards
11. A Trophy Mule in Particular
12. Apology in Advance
13. Secret Star
14. Of Mites and Men

I have high hopes for the record. The last four albums have been a little disappointing to me, in pieces too prog for my taste, seemingly attempting to imitate previous successes, or vainly trying to catch the attention of top 40 radio. All said, though, these releases were more listenable than 99% of pop music released and each album contained gems that I adore.

older GBV mp3 mp3 mp3

thanks sharon

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