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March 20, 2003

GYBE Letter To All

Dearest strangers/friends,

Often we feel a communication gap between us & you, playing the saddest rock&roll in these alienated beerhalls. We're shy and clumsy w/ the words mostly but need to say this now finally or once & for all--

We live in rich countries-- we got more kinds of kicks/entertainment than we need. Also, we're gifted w/ access to so much information. "Facts" and knowledge... If you don't already know or believe that millions of innocents are maimed, starved, tortured, shot or exploded IN OUR NAME, by our own corrupt politicians, then nothing we do or say'll ever convince you...

There are millions of us worldwide who don't want any more blood on our hands. There are millions of us who want to stop this murderous nonsense forever:

Together we can tear their crummy monsters down... It's not a naive daydream. (There are more of us than them...)

It could start happening tonight or tomorrow. (It'll begin in the tiniest little ways...)

Please think of how to make it happen.
Find the faintest light there and run towards it slowly...
When the call goes out, please march with other strangers/friends.

There's a sweetness in clumsy efforts.
Stubborn hope ALWAYS trumps lazy greed.
& gentle hearts tear vulgar castles down.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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