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October 8, 2003

Lester Bangs Gets Shaggy

Time warp back to 1981: Lester Bangs reviews The Shaggs' "Philosophy Of The World" reissue:

How do they sound? Perfect! They can't play a lick! But mainly they got the right attitude, which is all rock'n'roll's ever been about from day one. (I mean, not being able to play is never enough.) You should hear the drum riff after the first verse and chorus of the title cut -- sounding like a peg-leg stumbling through a field of bald Uniroyals, it cuts Dave Tough cold and these girls aren't even junkies (of course!).

A special treat for the true fan: Deerhoof covers "My Pal Foot Foot" (mp3 link) (the planets, er, two of my favorite bands align)

Pick up the Shaggs "Philosophy Of The World" or "The Shaggs" for a real musical treat.

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