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November 23, 2003

An Insult To The Brain?

The Seattle Weekly's Brian Miller defends Martin Amis's new novel, "Yellow Dog":

Certainly, Dog is not a novel to be liked, but neither is it a book to be disrespected. It's both vile and virile, crude and well crafted; all of its affronts to taste and language are perfectly calculated and weighted for effect. And Amis goes down swinging, which is more than most gutless, polite American novelists would do.

Amis is also interviewed by Nerve:

In the book, you seem to want to reserve sex for its original purpose.

No, that would be a ridiculous project. But one would suggest that it canít be deprived of meaning without a price being paid. To think that itís meaningless is actually not the case. When youíre young, you certainly try to behave as if itís meaningless, but it isnít. It catches up with you.

I read Yellow Dog, and though I wouldn't call it one of his best, it was still a good read, exploring violence, sex, gender, and even the royal family with an elegant savagery that is Amis's trademark.

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