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January 29, 2004

Daily Downloads

Chuck Palahuik reading his short story, "Guts" (mp3) (<-- lotsofco)
Wilco, October 19, 2002, Boston (mp3, registration required)
Modest Mouse - Float On (mp3)
Sophie Zelmani (live from Hultsfredfestivalen 2002) and Isolation Years (live from Hultsfredfestivalen 2003) (mp3)
The Ether Family Presents (mp3)
Summer Hymns (mp3)
Sun City Girls (mp3 and RealAudio)
Mark Lanegan live shows (mp3)
Pearl Jam live and demos (mp3)
Ryan Adams, Liverpool 2004 (mp3)
Melissa Auf Der Maur interviews and live music (mp3 and RealAudio)

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