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January 16, 2004

Not Hooked On Classics

JC at Boston Confidential looks at the books that were recommended, and wonders why more classics weren't included. His weblog is incredibly well-written and is much recommended.

I have a strong love for the classics. When I went to college, I vowed to fill in the gaps of my education by reading at least part of a classic every day. In that way I fell in love with Thomas Hardy, Balzac and many others doomed to dusty bookshelves by the masses, not to mention poets. In a similar vein to JC's, I am amazed that I get funny looks when I take a break at lunch, visit the park, and draw a book of poetry out of my messenger bag. I even had one person ask me if poetry was still being written. As with all good things, seek, and ye shall find. I carry a book of poetry with me every day (currently James Tate's The Selected Poems) to fill in the odd moments when I don't have the time to read a story or a chapter, but am in the mood to savor something.

I appreciate all your recommendations, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and especially graphic novels. I was surprised how many of the recommended books I've already read, but also glad to see that many interesting books are available and people are kind enough to share their love for the written word.

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