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February 29, 2004

Guilty Cinematic Pleasures

When I was a little kid, Sunday mornings were often spent watching a movie doubleheader. First up was a Blondie and Dagwood film (starring Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton), followed by one of the Ma and Pa Kettle movies. The films were predictable, mindless fun that were perfect accompaniments to our morning cereal.

Even though I've gotten older, I still appreciate silly guilty pleasures. My favorite films not to be taken too seriously (and gratuitous blurbs):

Office Space: Cubicles have never been funnier!

Happy Gilmore: Adam Sandler hits a hole-in-one and saves his grandmother's house, too!

Disorderlies: The Fat Boys and Ralph Bellamy defeat the evil plan of Luke from General Hospital!

Cabin Boy: Chris Elliott's tour-de-farce!

House Party: Kid and Play make this film a "funhouse" party!

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