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February 11, 2004

Milk Man Delivery

Deerhoof's hotly anticipated next album, Milk Man, is set to be released March 9th on Kill Rock Stars. The title track is available to download (mp3 link). If you love raucous, deconstructed noise pop, give these guys a listen.

Today's indie evangelistic tracks, from the book of Deerhoof (with many thanks to the Puzzling Music Archives):
"Milk Man" (mp3), from Milk Man
"Dummy Discards A Heart" (mp3), from Apple O
"Sealed With A Kiss" (mp3), from Apple O
"My Diamond Star Car" (mp3), from Apple O
"Apple Bomb" (mp3), from Apple O
"L'Amour Stories" (mp3), from Apple O
"Blue Cash" (mp3), from Apple O
"This Magnificent Bird Will Rise" (mp3), from Reveille
"Holy Night Fever" (mp3), from Reveille
"The Eyebright Bugler" (mp3), from Reveille
"Our Angel's Ululu" (mp3), from Reveille
"Top Tim Rubies" (mp3), from Reveille
"Rabbit Dog" (mp3), from Cool Beans #10
"Red Dragon" (mp3), from Halfbird
"Trickybird" (mp3), from Halfbird
"Xmas Tree" (mp3), from Halfbird
"Magic Star" (mp3), from Holdypaws
"The Great Car Tomb" (mp3), from Holdypaws
"Polly Bee" (mp3), from The Man, The King, The Girl
"Gore in Rut" (mp3), from The Man, The King, The Girl
"The Pickup Bear" (mp3), from The Man, The King, The Girl
"Sunnyside" (mp3), from Halfbird
"My Pal Foot Foot" (mp3), from Better Than the Beatles: A Tribute to the Shaggs
Live at WFMU April 2003 (mp3)
Live at WFMU June 2002 (mp3)
Live 2000-2003 (mp3)
Live at Club Hot! 2000 (mp3)
Live in Montreal August 2003 (mp3)

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