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February 19, 2004

Moviola Madness

We've been watching a lot of movies lately. Since Saturday, we've watched eight films, an astounding number for a couple that usually sees that many a year. The cold, rainy weather and a new Netflix account have been contributing factors to our newfound love of the cinema.

Our films so far this week: Lost In Translation, Fellowship Of The Ring, The Two Towers, Return Of The King, American Splendor, Finding Nemo, Ice Age and The Triplets of Belleville. Of course, Lost In Translation and The Triplets of Belleville were our favorites, but we were surprised how good Finding Nemo was. American Splendor was entertaining, as well; Harvey Pekar is no longer a Letterman curiosity to me.

I'm not anti-movie, it's just that the action adventure flicks and teen comedies that flood the local cineplexes do absolutely nothing for me. I'll take clever and witty over violent and crude. My wife prefers romantic comedies. Anyone seen a good film lately on the small or big screen? All recommendations are welcome and appreciated.

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