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March 5, 2004

The Dirty South To Rise Again

A couple of Drive-By Truckers notes:

The band will be playing at the Haymaker Music Festival in Spotsylvania, Virginia (held May 7th and 8th). The festival's blurb for the Truckers:

How cool is to watch somebody spit on the floor? When the spitter is Patterson Hood, lead singer and songwriter of the Truckers, itís extra-super cool. I mean, itís probably the coolest thing youíll ever see someone do onstage. Itís sick, dirty, disgusting and itíll have you wondering why you think spitting on the floor is such an utterly perfect form of self-expression. Perhaps thatís the duality of the Southern Thing. The DBTs have been hailed as the resurrection of Southern Rock Ė that popular blend of arena-roots rock that went down with Lynyrd Skynyrdís plane. Itís true that The Truckers carry a torch for that bent of music, and theyíre also from The South, but their music is more Faulkner than Grisham. What I mean to say is that this is tough, whiskey-drinkiní southern music Ė and not just drinkiní to party, but drinkiní to get by. You can taste the darkness in the music, and watch in awe as the members of the DBTs show you what happens to people that drink it by the half-gallon.

I'll just add an "amen" and "pass the whiskey, please" to that fine write-up.

The band is rumored to be holding release parties for their new album, The Dirty South, August 27th and 28th at Athens, Georgia's 40 Watt Club (where, like my house, the Xmas lights never come down). We've penciled in the dates and plan to be there. Over six hours of three guitar rock and roll is reason enough for a pilgrimage.

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