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April 13, 2004

Daily Downloads

White Stripes: 2001-11-23, Vera Groningen, Netherlands (mp3)
Siouxsie Sioux & The Banshees, The Creatures: live shows, covers (mp3, real)
Vovoid: shows, demos, interviews, video (mp3, mpg)
ACDC: rare live tunes (mp3)
Bush: live shows, b-sides, demos, rarities (mp3)
In Flames: live show, interviews (mp3)
REM: 2001-10-21, Mountainview, CA (mp3)
Roger Waters: August, 1999, St. Louis, Missouri (mp3)
The Roots: live shows (mp3) (changes almost every month)
Sonic Youth: audio, video (mp3, real, mov)
Ben Folds: 2004-05-04, Urbana, IL (mp3, shn)

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