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April 3, 2004


The Reader reviews Jeff Tweedy's book of poetry, Adult Head:
These poems do not directly reveal themselves, but rather they are complex, cerebral constructions that require serious contemplation. While musically, Tweedy wails 'there’s something in my veins, bloodier than blood,' poetically, he quietly proposes ‘the best way/ to feel your blood/ is to lie.'"

Neal Pollack summarizes the "Left Behind" series (via my daily morning Cup of Chica, the brew that blends both form and content). Now if we can get Quentin Tarantino to review the film adaptations...

The import single for the Mountain Goats' "Letter From Belgium" includes two b-sides, "Nova Scotia" and "Attention All Pickpockets."

Watch the Modest Mouse video, "Float On."

Tyrone Shoelaces is a weblog from Singapore, offering interesting mp3's almost daily (Willie Nelson image NSFW)

A Sea Black With Ink, the Wilco lyrics archive

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