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April 28, 2004


The Daily Charlie has been imitating (some would say plagiarizing) both Chromewaves and Largehearted Boy (and undoubtedly others). Compare this DC post to this from LHB (the dvd paragraph), then you can make the call. I'm amused more than offended... but seriously, how hard is it to write something semi-original? Drop him a line with some possible blog topics, if you get the chance.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian explores the world of neuroscience self-help books written for adults.

According to Filter, Gomez is offering fans in select cities a unique bonus: "Those wish to attend the Gomez shows in New York, Pittsburgh and/or Columbus can, for $10 more than the regular ticket, get a full Gomez package that includes a concert ticket, a copy of the new record, and three live exclusive bonus downloads from the concert they attended."

Book to chronicle the 1993 Pixies breakup?

"Things are pretty bad in the world right now, and we truly believe that if young people in the US don't pay attention and vote, things can only get worse," Tim Fletcher of The Stills gets political in an interview with the Guardian (quickly becoming my favorite UK newspaper).

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