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April 29, 2004


Thanks to Washington Post music critic David Segal for saying some nice things about LHB in a recent online chat: "Let me point you to my favorite music web site, There's a blog there with links to tons of great online radio stations and whoever is blogging the site has really good taste. Constantly digging up great MP3s, too." You may remember Segal as the critic who played guitar on stage with Guided By Voices for a couple of songs, giving every one of us Walter Mitty's a glimmer of hope.

"Save for a handful of flag-waving country songs, the disc’s topical references are among the first to be heard in pop music since the war started a year ago — and maybe the last we’re likely to hear until Steve Earle makes another album," Brett Milano of the Boston Phoenix in his review of Patti Smith's new album, Trampin'.

“In the ’90s the music got so serious, so slow and so deliberate, so overly thought-out and mathematical that we just kind of wanted to let go of that for a while,” Jennifer Rogers of the Rogers Sisters explains to the Detroit Metro Times.

"Imparting every extreme state of mind with his unwholesome sense of humor, Merritt will gently subvert them—with an intentionally overwrought metaphor, a silly rhyme, a rococo arrangement, or, best of all, casual violence." The Seattle Weekly reviews the new Magnetic Fields album, i.

Creative Loafing examines Bookcrossing and its users.

"Back then we had this indie-cred-sort-of thing going on... once we upset the balance of that, people divorced us from their lives because we no longer looked cool sitting next to their new Jets to Brazil record, or whatever people were starting to listen to at that point in time." Lou Barlow talks to Flagpole about the Sebadoh history and current reunion tour.

Will Oldham to play Athens, Georgia, June 12th? At the Orange Twin community? I am so there...

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