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April 8, 2004

Shorties (Quotable)

"The most interesting stuff about my life has been like my failed attempts to start a rock band and to throw really cool parties. All my failed attempts to become cool are very funny and interesting. But Iím not going to write a book about that Iím just gonna keep doing what I do," Neal Pollack, in his Suicide Girls interview.

"Album covers are probably looked at more closely than your average museum painting, often studied for the entire length of the record or more. And yet the artists behind them get very little credit." Athens' Flagpole gives album artists their due.

"I think that just to stay active, to continue writing songs, you can't always write songs about your emotions or about girls in your life; it just gets boring. I'll think, 'I need to find some different subject matter,' I'll invent a character and see what happens to them," Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes tells Flagpole.

"Unfortunately -- or fortunately, I don't know which -- I think I'm more along the lines of someone like Beck or Neil Young or David Bowie. I'd like to do a full-on country record eventually. Or a piano ballad record. Or a total f*ckin' hardcore punk album, where every song is 50 seconds. I just want to keep exploring," Ben Kweller talks to Philly's City Paper about his new album, On My Way.

The Psychedelic Furs: strangely timeless

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