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May 3, 2004


Blog quote of the week: "Apparently, American Christians are so worried that readers are going to take the arguments of The Da Vinci Code seriously that no less than 10 books are in the works refuting the arguments of the novel. I hate to say this, but if your core system of religious beliefs was rocked by a freaking beach book, then you weren't exactly a pillar of faith to begin with, were you?" If you're not reading lotsofco every day, then it's a good time to start the habit. Max is a pop culture guru with cutting wit, quiet wisdom and exquisite taste (and a great guy as well).

"Clinton hasn't had time to look at all the papers and documents or to think about how his administration fits into history. I fear his book will be aimed more for Vanity Fair than for the historical community," author Douglas Brinkley on President Clinton's soon to be published memoir, My Life.

"The mini is just... slick. It has transitioned the iPod from a music player to a fashion statement," macteens reviews the 4 gig iPod (I'm still holding out for the 40 gig model).

Two wonderful downloads that showed up recently at Sharing The Groove: the "secret" Drive-By Truckers acoustic show Friday night in Atlanta and Deerhoof's 2004-02-28, Eugene, Oregon show.

The Telegraph weighs in on Supergrass's tenth anniversary tour.

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