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May 23, 2004


"The whole point of the Mountain Goats has always been the lyrics. The main reason thereís been minimal orchestration has been so there wouldnít be anything to distract from what I think the whole point is. I think anybody who doesnít think my new lyrics are the best ones Iíve ever written either likes the old ones for the wrong reasons, or hasnít listened to the new ones well enough." John Darnielle on the Mountain Goats album, We Shall All Be Healed, in between songs as his musical ear is tested while he plays Jukebox Jury with Seattle Weekly.

Speaking of the Mountain Goats, I unearthed this old Brave New Waves interview (RealAudio).

Frank at Chromewaves is biking next month in the Becel Ride for Heart, a benefit for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. If you would like to support a good cause, sponsor him.

Jim Derogatis lists his ten summer "must-see" Chicago concerts.

Designs on the White House is holding a t-shirt design contest. The categories include:
1. best pro-kerry shirt (positive spin, no mention of bush)
2. best anti-bush shirt (negative spin, must mention bush)
3. best issue shirt - domestic
4. best issue shirt - foreign
5. funniest shirt
6. best retro shirt
7. best get out the vote shirt
8. most stylish
The deadline has been extended to May 31st, so get those designs in and that Dubya out! (thanks, Janelle)

One minor change to the daily downloads: the artist name now links to the artist website, and the description to the right of the colon links to the tracks. The artist is better served, especially if you enjoy the download and need more artist information.

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