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June 16, 2004


"They use this very normal sitcom to smuggle very weird and subversive stuff in every now and then. But itís a show that doesnít go out of its way to announce how cool it is. This is a convoluted comparison but I like the William S. Burroughs approach, which is to dress it as bland as you can so that you can smuggle your stuff in." Patton Oswalt on his television show, The King of Queens.

Today on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic: El Gran Silencio.

"Sedaris is still funny, largely in his straight-faced, withdrawn, dryly absurdist reactions to openly absurd events. But he's also increasingly thoughtful and grave as he considers his relationships and his past, and as he subtly implies the damage he's done to others and the marks they've left on him in turn." The Onion A.V. Club reviews David Sedaris's latest book, Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim.

Listen to The Connection's interview with David Sedaris, which aired yesterday.

Jealous Butcher has vinyl copies of Her Majesty The Decemberists in stock again. If you're in Birmingham at City Stages this Friday, make a note to see the Decemberists at 6:15 at the Miller Lite Stage.

The Minneapolis City Pages profiles the new issue of McSweeney's, guest edited by Chris Ware and dedicated to comic book art.

"His songs, and in particular his lyrics, are still part of our consciousness. We are very pleased to take this opportunity of honouring such a major artist." Bob Dylan to receive honorary doctorate of music from the University of St. Andrews.

The Chicago Tribune feels guilty for never having finished James Joyce's Ulysses.

"The good thing about our audience, pretty much country-wide it seems that, since we haven't been on the radio, there are fans of the entire record; fans of the records as opposed to fans of the singles, since we don't have any. So that's pretty exciting, because every song is basically recognized, and people feel a lot more attachment to the songs than, 'Hey, I heard that on the radio when I was in high school' or something." Spoon's Jim Eno talks to

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