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June 21, 2004


“Music you love finds its way into what you create … I try to keep up [with current music]. I want to hear new things that excite me." Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots talks to Slug magazine.

USA Today examines presidential memoirs past and present.

"I'm very much about being a songwriter and an artist and a… you know, sensitive guy, (smiles) you get kind of… you really can see the world in a very dark tone. And certainly songwriting - it makes me feel more powerful I think. It gives me power, which I really need." Rufus Wainwright talks to Cord magazine. Be sure to check out Cord's music reviews and other interviews.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer lists their summer reading picks for children.

Cnet explores the success stories of digital indie music, using and Wilco as examples.

"45 percent rock, 15 percent classical, 12 percent jazz, 11 percent roots, 8 percent country, 6 percent Latin, 2 percent movie soundtracks, and 1 percent blues," the Salt Lake Tribune lists the breakdown of compact discs libraries will receive as part of the recent price fixing lawsuit settlement.

"They say Sgt Pepper and Pet Sounds were the two greatest albums ever made. I'm very proud to think that we could have made an album that good. It was easier back then because I was young and had energy. I wanted to make love music. I was in the mood for love music." Brian Wilson is interviewed by the Independent.

"The book is both fiction and non-fiction and is directed toward the small, highly critical, elite literary market and the large, uncritical, general reading public." Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Winfrey collaborate on a book (satire).

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