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June 22, 2004


Start your day with live performances by PJ Harvey, Neko Case, Interpol, the Black Keys, McLusky and others courtesy of Australia's Triple R live audio archive (realaudio).

Sponic produces the Guided By Voices history in two parts.

NPR's All Things Considered reviews Wilco's A Ghost Is Born.

"Festivals are almost a necessary evil. I understand the premise and attraction of seeing all these bands at once. But I donít like to play them as much because the sets are shorter; itís not as intimate and itís kind of a picnic atmosphere. Iím not a big picnic guy." Al Jourgensen of Ministry talks to Suicide Girls.

"Wilco's ideas are unremarkable, but are worked out with intelligence and striking conception." The Village Voice's James Hunter reviews Wilco's A Ghost Is Born.

Isaac Guzman of the New York Daily News handicaps the jam band field for the heir to Phish's throne.

"There's a clichť that all great comics rage inside and one certainly marvels at the fury underlying many of these pieces. But what's really amazing about Sedaris is that he wields his razor while apparently balancing on something of a razor's edge himself." The Toronto Star reviews David Sedaris's new book, Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim.

The Virginian-Pilot goes behind the scenes at Jeopardy! auditions.

"Their abundant lack of gloom sets them starkly apart from the fashionably aloof, slightly retro bands they have borrowed from and now will compete against, most notably the Strokes and Interpol." The Washington Post's David Segal reviews a recent Franz Ferdinand show.

"Canada gives us space to get comfortable and develop our sense of ourselves. And it is not too far to get to some bigger audiences." Sarah harmer talks to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Manchester Online talks to Stephen Wright, who took the famous photograph of the Smiths outside Salford Lads Club.

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